Simple Ways to Monetize Your Website

Your website needs to work hard for your brand – and by showcasing your products, hosting your blog and even being the online face of your business, it does. You also can monetize your website to help revenue roll in each month. Regardless of your industry, these tips will help you make the most of your website and put it to work earning revenue for your business.

Simple Ways to Monetize Your Website

Use Google AdSense: Fast, easy and pain-free; Google will pay you to place ads on your existing site. Every time someone clicks on an ad, you’ll get a commission from the search engine giant. You’ll need to apply to be approved, but once you’re in, AdSense can attach relevant advertisements to your site and allow you to earn some extra income from your efforts.

Sell Ads or Ad Space: Google does it, and so can you. Offer advertisers in your niche the chance to purchase ads each month. One way to get started is simply researching, such as setting up a reader survey through SurveyMonkey, which will help you understand your audience and potential advertisers, and get you strong out of the gate. Whether you use a cost per click model, a cost per engagement or a cost per mille, those clicks can add up fast. Advertisers are most likely to go for an on-site ad if you have a defined niche and strong following.

Become an Affiliate: You don’t need to be one of those overhyped, selling all the time types, but offering products you use and love via an affiliate can help you earn extra money on your site. The items you promote need to enhance your site and your brand; once you find a few, you can promote them on your site and earn money every time someone buys. Amazon Associates is the biggest, easiest affiliate to start with and allows you to promote pretty much any product you can find on the retail giant’s site.

Project Kick Start: Got the starving artist vibe going? Turn to the creative community, Kickstarter for that boost to your creative projects. Land yourself in a community of other likeminded individuals that offers complete creative control over your work with the added benefit of financial backers.

Work on Your List: Use your site to grow your email subscriber base. As you add subscribers to your newsletters and provide useful, relevant content, you’ll be able to increase your profits over time. Whether you launch a new sale just for readers or recommend an affiliate product, your loyal, engaged list members can help you monetize your site.

Run Sponsored Content: It shouldn’t be the only thing you post, but occasional sponsored posts can keep revenue flowing your way. As a bonus, the corporations who sponsor you can provide items for you to give away to followers, making it easy to reward those who follow your brand closely. Check out this list of resources for making money with your blog.

Offer Member Only Perks: Have some content just for members? Set aside a portion of your site for gated or premium content and charge a monthly admission fee. This setup works well if you have listings that are regularly sold or offer several levels of membership and can help you monetize your site in a fresh new way.

Create a Job or Sales Board: Allow members to list items for sale in your niche, or post relevant job listings. If you specialize in a specific industry or niche, then adding a pay for play or pay for access portion can help boost your revenues.

Sell a Digital Product: You’re the best at what you do, why not share your experience with others? Creating an eBook or other digital products and placing it for sale on your site can help boost revenues.

Some methods of monetizing are easier than others; you can set up Google AdSense in an afternoon and benefit from it year-round. Other options take longer to set up but can help you make the most of the site you have worked so hard to build. Start working on both short- and long- term strategies to increase revenue generated by your website.

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