Optimizing Your Website to be Lead Generation Prone

Imagine running a brick and mortar store without salespeople, signage or any other indicators consumers use to find and make purchases. Chaos, right?

It’s a similar situation if your website isn’t set up properly to process leads. The good news is, you can increase your chances of turning website visitors into satisfied customers. Follow our lead and find out how:

Determine your calls to action

What do you want visitors to do when they get to your site? Fill out a form? Click on a link to a product page? Like you on social media? This ‘call to action’ is a crucial step that will require you to think things through.
For example, let’s say you run a pool-cleaning business and the cost per pool ranges depending on size, accessibility and location of the home. You don’t necessarily want to feature prices online because every client has the chance to be different. What you really need is for the visitor to contact you, or at a minimum, provide you with an email address or phone number so you can follow up.

Online visitors are just as unique as consumers in stores, and they all have different hot buttons. Some may respond to a direct request button to ‘click here’ for a quote. Others may take a roundabout way, reading customer reviews first. Still, others may gravitate to a video on your site discussing common causes of algae.

The point here is that a one-size fits all call to action won’t always work. So, to increase the chances of converting more visitors, you may want to give them several access points that lead to a common form requesting their name, email address, phone number, etc.

In addition to a ‘click here’ button for the linear types, a prompt within the review page and a pop-up after the video – both encouraging contact – would work. Combined, they’d give a higher percentage of visitors more reason to respond.

Engage, engage, engage

When a visitor responds to your call to action, keep them engaged at every step. Thank them for providing their contact information, but don’t stop there. Add a reward that further engenders loyalty.

Here’s an example of an appropriate reward that will keep an online visitor engaged. Once they provide their email address, kick out a response that not only thanks them but also offers them a 25% discount on their first pool cleaning. While it may be a small loss leader for you, it’s likely a big deal to the customer – and one that will go a long way to converting this lead to an ultimate sale.

If they respond to the discounted offer, you can increase their engagement by thanking them on your site. Include a tab where you can list the names of new customers and express your gratitude. If the customer is happy with their service, ask for a review and post it to social media, which will then drive more leads to your site. Think of engagement as a long string of dominoes. All you have to do is nudge one occasionally to keep the flow going.

Generating leads on your website isn’t rocket science, but if you approach it correctly it can really fuel your business upward. Follow these guidelines and the sky is the limit!

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