How Hard Is It to Learn Wordpress?

Looking to start a blog to generate more interest in your small business? WordPress is the leading platform to do that. It powers a third of the top 10-million websites. So how hard is it to learn WordPress? It depends on what you want to do. Here are some guidelines and resources to help you get started.

WordPress is an online platform that can help you create different kinds of websites. It became popular as a blogging site but can also be used to create a full, multifunction website. The basic platform is free, but you can upgrade to access advanced customization, additional storage and business tools. 

Getting Started

WordPress boasts that you can create a free blog and be on your way to publishing content in less than five minutes. Here are the highlights:

  • Creating a shell - First you create and register a domain name. That’s your address so people can find you on the web. 
  • Designing a look – Next, you select from over 350 pre-designed themes that are optimized so your business shows up in search engine results. The basic package also gives you access to community forums where you can post questions as you set it up.
  • Posting content - WordPress provides an editor that looks similar to word-processing programs. If you know how to use Word, you will find it familiar. The editor includes some basic functions like inserting hyperlinks and adding media. You can organize your posts by subject category to make it easier for readers to browse through your content.
  • Adding plug-ins – WordPress lets you customize your site by “plugging in” additional features and functionality. The behind-the-scenes coding is already included so you don’t have to be computer programmer. There are many plug-ins available, some are free. For example, you can add a contact form, create a subscription list, or boost your search engine performance. 

Possible Bumps in the Road

Generally, WordPress offers a platform that can be used by most small business owners. But it does help if you have some programing knowledge. Here’s what some reviewers have said about it:

  • Mashable - You have to spend time to really get what you want and get familiar with the site's nooks and crannies. You'll have to learn a bit of HTML. While that will help you in the long run, it's frustrating to try building an effective personal site and get into coding 101.
  • WPbeginner -  You do not need to learn coding to use WordPress. However, some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will make things a lot easier. Most beginners acquire these basic skills as they use WordPress.
  • WIX - In a way, WordPress is similar to Microsoft Excel. While it’s not impossible to use, Excel is not an intuitive software. You’ll probably need to read some guides, watch some YouTube videos or take some classes to really understand how it works and how best to navigate the overwhelming number of features.

Resources to Get You Up to Speed Fast

There are a number of free resources to help you quickly learn the ins and outs of WordPress. Here are three of them:

  • Learn WordPress – WordPress’ own learning site for beginners. This quick-start tutorial will get you up and running. 
  • WPBeginner – Proclaimed as the largest, free WordPress resource site for beginners, they offer video tutorials, guides, and a glossary of terms. 
  • ithemes’ WordPress 101 – A series of tutorials on a variety of topics including: Exploring WordPress Settings, Creating a WordPress Post, Adding Images in WordPress.

WordPress can be an effective platform to create more interest in your business using a blog. With a little study, you can be up and running on the basics. Start with these resources and  connect with potential customers.

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