The Top 3 Ways to Celebrate Small Business Week (April 29 - May 5)

In May, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. But there’s another holiday you should know about—and it lasts for an entire week. For the 55th year, Americans will honor small business owners like you during Small Business Week, April 29 – May 5. Sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA), it recognizes the contributions entrepreneurs make to their community. It’s an opportunity to leverage this attention and market your business to a broader audience. Here are three quick ideas to help you spread the word.

 Launch a Trivia Quiz

A quiz can be a fun way to engage current and prospective customers. And it’s easy when you use your social media channels. The idea is to post a trivia question each day and encourage followers to reply with their answers, then post the answer on the following day. Your followers will see it, and so will their network of contacts.

Here are several approaches you can take with your trivia questions:

  • SBA fact – Q: What percentage of new jobs comes from small businesses? A: 64%
  • Unique business fact – Q: How many days do you have to return something? A: There’s no limit. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your purchase.

If you wish, choose a reply at random and award that person with a prize. Remember, prizes don’t have to be tangible. For example, give them a shout-out on your website or let them be the first to try out a new product or service.

Host a Customer Appreciation Event

Customers are the reason you’re able to celebrate Small Business Week, so why not sponsor an appreciation event. It can be as simple as an open house. A few snacks, some branded giveaways, and maybe a talented musician from the local high school, and you have a party. Another alternative is to host a special “For Customers Only” sale. Be sure to post pictures of the event on your social pages. The resulting word of mouth helps expose you to more people.

While you’re at it, thank your employees too. They’re another key to your success. It can be as simple as an unexpected sundae bar in the break room or relaxed dress code for the day. One of the most effective (and least expensive) motivators is to say, “Thank you.” These small acts can energize employees by reminding them that they are valued.

Team Up with Another Small Business

Amplify the week’s celebration by partnering with another small business. Choose a business that complements rather than competes with you. For example, an auto repair shop might team up with a local car wash. Who wouldn’t like a combination oil change and wash for a bundled price?

By pooling resources, you’re expanding your reach to a new, but related group of potential customers. You’re also networking with other small businesses that likely share many of the same challenges as you. Look to your local chamber of commerce for other opportunities. Here’s what the Abilene, Texas Chamber is doing this year.

Small Business Week is a chance to showcase the value that small businesses bring to the communities they serve. Take advantage of this “good news” spotlight and use it to introduce your business to more people in your area.

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