Steer Clear from these 5 Marketing Strategies

Marketing StrategiesWhile they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, the same can’t always be said about some marketing strategies. If you’re considering any of the following, you may want to think again. As some of these examples show, they didn’t quite pan out for the businesses behind them.

1. Failure to investigate names and trademarks

It’s easy to get excited about branding your business – in fact, the right name and logo design can be a make or break for some (for instance, a graphic design firm). But diving in before checking to see if anyone else owns the name or mark is a little like jumping into a lake without checking for hazards. First, it may send you back to the drawing board. Second, it could have legal ramifications.

To save yourself potential heartache, check with the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. For examples of logo similarities and infringement cases, click here.

2. Some vehicle wraps

Not all vehicle wraps are bad, but a surprising number of them don’t max out the potential of the medium. Perhaps it’s because there are so many variables (i.e. vehicles) and an equal number of ways to cut corners. We’ve all seen the SUV with hand-painted letters and graphics that looks more like it’s bound for a homecoming parade than a successful sale. So unless you can afford to do it right, you may want to take a pass.

3. Failing to consider measurement up front

You’ve launched your email blast campaign, print campaign, direct mail effort or some other marketing tactic. Now what? If you didn’t consider how to measure its effectiveness beforehand, how will you know if it failed or succeeded? Sure, you can make assumptions, but most small business owners with limited marketing budgets would prefer not to guess. Devoting just a little time to measurement in the early going can make a big difference afterwards.

4. Obnoxious banner ads

Every business is competing for online attention. So why wouldn’t it make sense to run ads with hyper-flashing graphics or goofy images of winking one-hundred-year olds? Well, for one, they’re obnoxious, and, two, they’re really obnoxious. If you want someone to click through, entice him or her. Promote a compelling offer or tease them with a question. Be the interesting person across the room that someone browsing online seeks out, not the clown on the unicycle with the bike horn.

5. Aggressive telemarketing

Cold calling prospects in the middle of dinner is a sure way to alienate all, but even the most tolerant of individuals may be faking politeness. So if you’re considering cold calling, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes first. Do you really want your business or product being held responsible for interrupting a before-bed reading of “The Cat in The Hat”? There are other ways to break through as a marketer.

While every business makes a marketing blunder once in a while, you can minimize your chances of doing so by avoiding those listed here. And, just to show that not all ideas are bad, here are ten tips for successful marketing practices you can put to work immediately.



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