Smart Tips to Take Your Newsletter to the Next Level

A great e-newsletter goes a long way toward keeping your existing customers interested in your brand while engaging new prospects. 

But what is it that makes a great one?

It turns out it's a perfect blend of form and function—compelling copy paired with smart design and engaging visuals. If you feel like yours might be lacking or are just considering adding one to your marketing mix, read on to learn how you can create an e-newsletter that genuinely wows your readers.

It Starts with Compelling Content

Before you click 'send to all,' you must create and curate your content. It can be challenging to develop new ideas. To keep content fresh, spend some time brainstorming and make a list of innovative and intriguing newsletter ideas you can use, such as these:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at your business
  • A history of your business and how you've grown
  • A helpful how-to or product use guide
  • A top ten list related to your products or services
  • A meet-the-employees piece about your workforce

Try to feature one or more of these ideas in each edition of your e-newsletter to keep readers engaged and interested, with essential updates and information coming afterward.

Keep it Simple When it Comes to Design

An over-designed e-newsletter can undermine otherwise meaningful content. Shoot for something clean, crisp, and easy to read, with intentional white space to break up content and graphics. Keep in mind that today's readers have shorter attention spans.

Rather than dominating the page with big blocks of text, distill your content into manageable portions that don't overwhelm the reader. Keep your editor hat close and get rid of excess content.

When it comes to color, less is more. If you have a color scheme, use your existing palette. This type of reinforcement will reinforce your brand's identity with your readers. Using consistent fonts and design elements will have the same effect.

For examples of businesses and organizations that understand how to do this effectively, check out this blog on brilliant newsletter examples.

Prioritize High-Quality Images and Graphics

This is one area where you can't afford to drop the ball. Similar to layout and color scheme, great images make a significant difference in the presentation of your newsletter. Your reader's eyes will naturally gravitate toward visual elements. If the first thing they see is low-resolution images that are dull and uninteresting, they may not look any further.

With smartphone camera technology advancing every year, getting your hands on high-quality images can be as simple as picking up your device and snapping some pics.

Consider using photos of new employees, new products, behind-the-scenes activities, community outreach events, and even morning meetings. This is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your newsletter visuals.

Alternatively, here are some excellent stock image resources if you're searching for something beyond your ability to design or photograph:

Use A Creative Call to Action

In addition to providing your readers with helpful information and updates, your newsletter can be an incredibly powerful tool for generating signups, subscriptions, and sales.

You can create a call to action, a statement or phrase that encourages your readers to act. This action might be signing up for a loyalty program, subscribing to a monthly service, or purchasing a product with a readers-only discount.

Keep your call to action short-and-sweet, highly visible, and tailored to your brand and audience. Click here for some examples of creative and persuasive calls to action that fall into one of the following categories you'll want to consider:

  • Bold
  • Funny
  • Blunt
  • Relatable
  • Different
  • Subtle but smart
  • Reverse psychology

Be Willing to Adapt and Change

Even when you feel like you've mastered your business' e-newsletter, it's important not to get too attached to your work. Keep an eye on what other successful businesses are doing, sign up for their newsletters, and take notes. You might find something inspiring and prompt you to freshen up your newsletter when the time is right.

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