The Secret to Making Your Service More Real

It’s easier to attract customers when the product you offer is real. After all, your customers can see a new car on the lot. They can get a whiff of that new car smell. They can even take it for a test drive. But what if your business is organizing people’s closets? It’s hard for customers to take that out for a spin. That’s why it’s important for service businesses to keep their offerings tangible in the minds of consumers. Here are some ways to make services more real.

Since prospective customers can’t easily touch or feel the service you offer, they need to experience your “product” in other ways. Concentrate on making the benefit you provide more tangible by using these ideas:

  • Provide Visuals – A picture is worth a thousand words, so use them to demonstrate the benefit of your service. For example, “Before” and “After” photos can show the dramatic transformation from a disorderly closet to a well-organized one.
  • Use Testimonials – Consider using statements from past customers about the value of your service. If you have their permission, supplement the testimonial with photos of the customer and the finished results.
  • Start a Conversation – Use social media to start a conversation with prospective customers. Start by providing information that establishes your credibility and helps gain trust. For example, our closet organization owner could provide a Facebook post giving tips on how to organize old photos.
  • Provide a Guarantee – Buying something you can’t “see” is risky for some people. So consider offering a guarantee. It could be a free consultation, a free trial period or a money-back offer if they are not satisfied.  Providing these assurances up front can help to address the perceived risk.

Service businesses offer a unique challenge. Often, customers can’t experience your “product” before they purchase it. Demonstrate the benefit of your service so what you offer becomes more real.

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