Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas For Your Small Business

As the song goes, the “M” in mother stands for the “million things she gave you,” but it also stands for a marketing opportunity. According to the National Retail Foundation, consumers spent an average of $205 last year on Mother’s Day gifts. With the potential for more face-to-face contact this year, that amount could be even larger. Here are some ideas to help customers spell out their feelings for mom with the products and services you offer.

Offer a gift guide.

Few things are more intimidating than walking into a store or visiting a website and being confronted with a tsunami of choices. Make it easy for customers by offering a gift guide. It’s a list of gift suggestions based on your mom’s interests. For example, gifts for mom’s who like to cook, special treats for grandma, or escapes for working moms. Don’t forget ideas for stepmoms and moms-to-be.

Promote the guide on your social media channels and in emails. Post it on your website’s home page. Some local publications will run special sections that feature offerings from area businesses. It gives you an opportunity to piggyback on sources that have a wider distribution. That means you can potentially reach new customers.

Don’t count out non-traditional businesses.

A spa or flower shop is a natural match for Mother’s Day promotions. But that doesn’t mean non-traditional businesses can’t jump in on the action too. For example, Constant Contact offers these ideas for businesses that may not be in everyone’s consideration set for moms:

  • Auto repair shops – Show concern for your customer’s mom by offering free safety inspections or discounts on routine maintenance.  Offer VIP treatment for moms with special refreshments or live music from a local performer in your waiting area.
  • Tech services – Technology can make mom’s life easier, but only if it’s easy to use. So offer special how-to seminars with tips and tricks on cellphones or how to set up that new Alexa device you gave her.

Offer free shipping to moms.

Did you know 9 out of 10 consumers admit that free shipping is the number one incentive to shop online? Plus orders with free shipping average 30% higher in value. That’s huge if you market online. So be sure to include that in your promotion.

Some businesses limit it to certain items or a certain value of purchase. One study found that 58% of customers will add items to their shopping cart in order to qualify for free shipping.

Go the extra mile with add-on services.

Consumers have choices when it comes to buying gifts. So make your business the one they choose by offering add-on services with a purchase. For example, provide free gift wrapping or delivery. Unexpected extras like that can give you a leg up over your competition.

Another option is to upgrade the purchase with a premium product or service. A restaurant could offer a free desert. A coffee shop could sweeten the deal with extra toppings or flavored syrups. A spa could add in free samples.

Exercise caution!

It’s important to recognize that not everyone celebrates Mother’s Day. That’s especially significant after a pandemic year when many have suffered the loss of a family member. So it’s important to be sensitive in your promotions.

A preemptive way to deal with this situation is to give people a choice on which promotions they want to get from you. Etsy sent this email giving subscribers the ability to opt out of their Mother’s Day promotions. It’s an empathetic way to acknowledge individual differences. The same message could be sent before Father’s Day.

Consider these ideas to help customers honor their mom. The key is to make it easy to find the right gift. It’s a great way to increase your activity and will spell success for your brand.

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