Marketing Tools You Need Now!

Hardware store junkies know the feeling. There’s nothing better than strolling down the aisle to discover a new tool for that home improvement project. Some tools save time, others lower your cost, and some help you tackle projects you didn’t think you could do. Small business owners get that same rush when they discover a tool to make their marketing efforts easier. Here are four marketing tools you need to consider now to help grow your business.

Hootsuite – Spending a lot of time spreading the word on all the social media websites? This service makes it easier. It allows you to schedule your social media posts on Twitter or Facebook, for example. No more having to remember to post, tweet or share on a specific day. It also provides reporting so you can track success. You can start with the free plan and then decide whether it’s worth it to upgrade to the Pro version.

BriteVerify – You’ve just developed the best email ever to market your new same-day business delivery service. The problem is you’re not sure you have the right email addresses for your prospects. BriteVerify can help. It allows you to submit email lists and tells you which emails are invalid, which can save you both time and money. Pricing is based on the number of emails you wish to verify. It starts at $0.01 per email. The larger the number of emails, the lower the price.

Google Analytics – Your website looks great, but is it doing what you need it to do? Google Analytics can help you find out. It’s a tool that tells you who’s coming to your site and what they’re doing when they are there. It tracks information like number of visitors, how long they are on your site, what route they took to get to your site and what device they used to get there. That helps you learn more about your customers and what works best to capture their attention. It’s free if your website has 10 million or fewer hits per month.

SnapEngage – When a customer phones, you pick it up and answer their question. But what if the potential customer is on your website? They might hunt for an answer or send you an email, but they don’t get the answer as quickly. SnapEngage is an interactive feature you can add to your website. It allows you to chat with customers right when they’re on your site. That’s when interest is high and you have the opportunity to make a favorable impression. They have a range of plans starting at $60/month.

Discovering the right marketing tool can make a difference. Whether it’s making the job easier or more effective, consider if these services are right for your marketing tool belt.

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