How to Take Your Lead Nurturing to a New Level

Without an effective strategy, even the most promising leads can go by the wayside. The good news? It’s not difficult to turn a name and an address—email or otherwise—into a lead you can count on for a sale or lifetime customer. The following tips will help you take your lead nurturing to a whole new level.

Taking Your Lead Nurturing to a New Level

Automate Your Email

Mailchimp is one of many timesaving email marketing platforms used by businesses. It’s easy to use and one of its best features allows you to upload your own list of email leads.

All you have to do is develop a compelling email and schedule your campaign to launch. In real time, you’ll be able to see who opened it, whether they clicked on any links or engaged with its content.

In addition to Mailchimp, platforms such as Constant Contact, emma, and others will provide you with a similar experience. A Google search of “email platforms” will lead you to even more, if you’re interested in comparing.

Pump Up Your Snail Mail

Say all you want about snail mail, but at the end of the day it still works, especially when you put some tried-and-true practices for lead nurturing to work.

Jeff Coleman, Managing Director/Creative & Strategy for MOTIV8 direct response agency shares these insights: “While many consider direct mail an outdated marketing tactic, it continues to outperform many of the more trendy digital marketing vehicles,” he says, citing national studies showing that every dollar spent on direct mail generates $12 in revenue.

According to Coleman, the most effective packages include these three elements:

An envelope

Letters outperform postcards by a wide margin. In fact, studies show they get a 39% higher response rate than postcards. And though postcards are cheaper to produce, the cost per lead is usually double that of a letter pack.

According to Motiv8, the key to a great envelope – regardless of format – is to provide information of interest to the reader – and promise even more valuable information inside.

An engagement device

Engagement devices force the reader to interact with the letter and can increase response rates by 50% or more. The most effective engagement device by a wide margin is a card (the size of a credit card) affixed to the letter. Other devices include stickers, stamps, checks and tear-off stubs.

A call-to-action

The call-to-action is by far the most critical element of your direct mail piece, and yet, the most common mistake made in direct mail is the lack of a compelling reason to act. Too many marketers create brilliant designs and targeted messages, only to fail to tell the reader what you want them to do next. Don’t make this mistake.

The most effective calls to action can be as simple as:

“Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to receive your free sample.”
“Visit to complete your membership online”

Make Every Lead Count

At the end of the day, leads are what you make of them. Whether you pursue them by email, snail mail or some other method, here’s to making the most of every one!

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