How to Take Good Selfies (And Use Them to Grow Your Business)

Selfies aren’t just for bragging to friends with a shot from your sunny beach vacation. When used strategically, they can also tell prospective customers who you are and how you can help. But do you know how to take a good selfie? Learn how to create your best selfie and get some ideas on how you can use them to grow your business.

Be Your Best Selfie

You don’t have to work at the portrait store in the local mall to take good pictures. Just follow some simple rules and you can snap photos that create just the right impression for your business. Start with these common-sense guidelines:

  • Know before you go – Don’t wait until you’re ready to take the picture to learn some basic features of your cellphone camera. Know which button turns the screen around so it points to you. Some phones allow you to touch the place on the screen that’s most important (usually your face). It automatically adjusts the focus and exposure for best results. Know the difference between the photo and video setting.
  • Pay attention to what’s behind you – You may be focusing on your face but your customer sees the stop sign sticking out of your head from behind. Move if you need to and eliminate these distractions. Some cameras allow you to adjust the depth of field to blur the background. 
  • Dress the part – Pay attention to what you’re wearing. Generally, solid colors are less distracting than bold prints. Your Nirvana t-shirt may be your favorite but is that the message you want customers to take away if you have an accounting business?
  • Frame the shot – Natural light is the most flattering but avoid direct sunlight. The best angle is usually from slightly above looking down. Holding the camera down and shooting up can emphasize features you’d rather not highlight. Selfie sticks hold the camera farther away so you can get the whole gang in the shot.
  • Take advantage of post editing – Many cellphones let you edit photos after they’re taken. You can crop the picture, remove “red eye,” or adjust brightness and color. But remember, even the best edit programs can’t make up for a bad photo. Start with a good image.

Here are some additional tips from LinkedIn on taking the perfect work selfie.

5 Ways to Use Your Business Selfie

Now that you have a great selfie, how can you use it to promote your business? Here are some ideas:

  • Broadcast breaking news – Just move to a new location? A photo with your new street address in the background can make a bigger impression than a press release or news article. And you can tag the image with location information so customers can find you.
  • Share customer stories – Selfies don’t have to be about you. Have customers take their own selfies using your product or service. Then promote the image on your social media platforms. It works with employee stories too. They’re great testimonials to the value of what your business provides.
  • Take a look behind the curtain – Share a selfie of you or your employee creating the product you sell. It’s an opportunity to promote its features and benefits. And it’s a way to differentiate your offering based on quality. 
  • Introduce influencers – Entrepreneur magazine reporter Sanchita Dash reports on one businessman who takes selfies with influencers he meets. He posts it on social media along with some advice or strategy that the influencer shared with him. 
  • Promote a community project – Business isn’t always about what you do for customers—it’s also about what you do for the community. Studies have shown that consumers tend to favor businesses that support their hometown. Take a selfie of someone who benefited from your service project (with their permission) and socialize it to show your community support.

Selfies can play an important role in promoting your business. But be careful how you use them. The emphasis shouldn’t be about bragging but about sharing. Remember, your objective is to selflessly tell your story and how your business helps customers.

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