How to Put Your Audience Segments to Work

You get it. You don’t have the time or money to market to everyone so you’re going after specific segments of the market. Your demographic and psychographic analysis has given you a pretty good picture of your best customer. So how do you put that knowledge to work? Here are five ways to make the most of your newly defined audience segments.

  • Create a Customer Profile – Keep the knowledge about your audience segment fresh by creating a fictional profile of a typical customer. Give the person a name, find a representative photo and create a story that describes their interests and motivations. Here’s an example. The profile will help you focus on your segments and judge whether a marketing tactic hits the mark.
  • Identify the Most Appropriate Communication Channel – Use what you know about the segment to pick the best channel to get your message out. If older Baby Boomers are one of your segments, you might consider a print newspaper ad as readership of that medium tends to be higher among members of that group. If “young professions living in older homes” is a segment, you may want to have a booth at the spring home show where that segment is looking for information on remodeling.
  • Use the Right Message Points – Speak the language of your segment. Use words that will resonate with your audience segment. For example, if you describe your newproduct as “the best thing since sliced bread,” you’re not likely to connect with a Millennial audience. “The best thing since PlayStation 4” has a better chance of getting their attention.
  • Socialize with Them – Consider using social media to start a conversation with a segment. Just be sure you’re using the one your segment reads. If you’re trying to reach affluent women who are mothers, you might consider using Pinterest, which reports that a large majority of their subscribers falls into that demographic.
  • Find Influencers – These are people who are well respected by your audience segment and whose opinions they value. Your association with influencers helps build credibility in your target segment. For example, a personal trainer might add a link on his website to a popular physician’s newsletter. Even better, he could ask the physician to be a guest blogger on his website with an article about how to avoid knee injuries.

Identifying your audience segments is just the start. Apply that knowledge to your marketing efforts. It can provide direction and assure that you consistently focus on those segments with the greatest potential for your small business.


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