How to Make Presidents’ Day a Win For Your Small Business

While Presidents’ Day may not seem like a prime-time chance to promote your products and services, marketing experts say the mid-winter Monday holiday is actually a great marketing opportunity for small businesses to boost their sales.

“This holiday is a smart time to set up sales, clear out inventory, distinguish your business, and bring in foot traffic,” says Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media, which specializes in small business and entrepreneurship.

Consider these 4 ideas on how your small business can take advantage of this year’s Presidents’ Day, celebrated on the third Monday in February.

Create and promote the quintessentially American holiday.

If you have a physical business, decorate your store like you’re having a party to celebrate U.S. presidents, with red, white and blue streamers and balloons as a way to draw would-be shoppers in. 

If you have a restaurant, bar or related business, you could create a presidents-themed special  menu item for just the one day or promote a different one for each day of the extended holiday weekend, such as a specialty dish, pastry or cocktail that incorporates the U.S. flag’s colors or stars themes.

Use your sale to get rid of inventory.

Theming a sale around the Presidents’ Day holiday is a great opportunity to generate attention to your business and increase sales but it can also be used to move past-season inventory out the door.

“Now that we’re at the tail end of the season, you need room to bring in your new spring goods,” writes Lesonsky in a blog posted on the financial platform Fundera.

“So, hold a sale to bring in customers—it’ll help clear out anything unsold and pique interest when your fresh, new wares are in.”

Kick up the urgency to promote shopping.

Use the famously successful marketing promotion of “buy it while you can,” a great strategy to create an urgency for customers to shop now at your business.

Lesonsky suggests a flash sale on specific items or services, could be certain hours of the day or make a “One Day Only” sale for the holiday itself.

“Strange as it may seem, we’re actually not that far on the other side of the seemingly endless holiday shopping season,” she writes in the Fundera blog post. “Customers might still be suffering some sale and shopping burnout.”

“With a flash sale that lasts a few hours or a limited-time discount code on social media to customers, you might be able to fire up a different feeling in your consumer base.”

Use social media to promote your sale, with hashtags.

Of course you’ll want to promote your Presidents’ Day sale on social media. Including clear sale information, digital discount codes, etc.

Also, post a picture of any signage you created for the sale, if you have any, and/or use pictures of the items that are on the Presidents’ Day sale.

“Either way, make sure the details of your sale are somewhere in your post, whether in the image itself or the caption,” advises Business 2 Community contributor Kristen McCormick. “The less uncertainty for your audience, the more likely they are to engage.”

She also emphasizes the importance of hashtags for your Presidents’ Day sale, particularly to describe products and services you’re selling.

“This hashtag strategy is most effective for reaching an audience who knows exactly what they’re looking for,” McCormick writes in the B2C post. “However, it also serves as a way to reveal details of the product without cluttering up the caption or having to label the photo.”

Hashtags are proven engagement-boosting marketing tools. Social media analytics firm Brandwatch says Insta posts with hashtags gain a 12.6 percent increase in engagement compared those without.

“Hashtagging is so effective because it helps categorize similar content and make it even more discoverable, which is likely why hashtagged posts get so much more engagement than those without,” writes Margot Whitney, content marketing specialist at the social marketing advertising company WordStream.

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