Getting Started with Text Marketing Plus 10 Top Ideas to Keep It Going

People spend a large portion of their time on texting apps, and connecting with friends, family, and others. Because of the highly personal environment, individuals are much more likely to open your marketing message and find it intrusive, too.

So, how can you start an effective text message marketing campaign without appearing as nothing more than a nuisance?

Getting Started

Before you do anything else, imagine yourself as a new customer. How would you feel if you received an unsolicited text message out of the blue, at ten thirty in the evening, with an impersonal greeting aimed at your wallet?

You might find somewhere else to do business, and at the very worst, you'd suggest all your friends do the same. Now, imagine yourself as a business owner again—you just lost a new customer and all the potential business you might have done with everyone in their contacts list.

Text message marketing requires a bit more nuance than some of the more traditional approaches, but the rewards are worth it. Always be considerate of your customer's time and privacy, and avoid sending messages at odd or inconvenient hours.

Ensure that the value of your message is clear to your customer by providing essential information clearly and concisely. Be friendly and engaging but not unprofessional. And most of all, don't contact a customer who has not opted in to receive SMS marketing messages from you.

The Introduction Message

The first text message your customer should receive from you is a sincere welcome. If possible, personalize the introduction using their first name, and thank them for choosing to do business with you.

In addition to the pleasantries, your introduction message should include the following three elements:

1. Opt-in confirmation. Verify that your customer has permitted you to send them SMS marketing messages. This can be done by requesting a simple YES or NO reply.

2. Showcase the value. Explain to your customer why it's beneficial to stay connected via text. Try something like, "We’ll text you about upcoming sales, new products, and exclusives just for you. To start, here’s a $10 off coupon for the next time you shop with us!"

 3. Offer referral incentives. One of the best ways to acquire new customers is by offering incentives for referring friends and family. Sending a referral link to your customer makes it easy for both of you.

Text Message Marketing Ideas

Once you've welcomed your customers and thanked them for opting in, you can send them SMS marketing messages. So, what kind of messages can you send?

The options are limitless—you can provide information about new products, offer coupons and rewards, remind customers about upcoming events, and even ask them to complete surveys. To help you get started, here's a list of ten different examples:

1. Birthday coupon. "Happy birthday, Robert! We want to celebrate by offering you 50% off on your next purchase with us. Hope you like presents!”

2. New product information. "Chocolate chip or peanut butter? Ma's Bakery will be updating its menu next week—claim your free cookie at and stop by soon!"

3. Anniversary sale. "It's been five years in business, and we couldn't have got here without you. Stop in before the end of this month to receive a complimentary coffee set with purchase."

4. Event invitation. "Trivia night next week Thursday at Donnie's Place! Reply TRIVIA to reserve a table for your team at 6 p.m."

5. Loyalty offer. "Time flies! You've been a loyal customer for six months, and we want to say thanks by offering you a coupon for 15% off linens and bedding."

 6. Policy reminder or update. "New sportswear just in! Stop by and try something on—with our new Fits Just Right guarantee, you can take it home and try it out for 7 days before purchase."

 7. Scheduling. "Max is due for grooming soon, and we miss your pup! Would you like to schedule a grooming for next week? Schedule online at"

 8. Giveaway. "Hey, Melissa! We're giving away $20 gift cards to the first ten customers who leave us a review online at Leave a review and get yours now!"

9. Latest purchase survey. "Thank you for purchasing our new garden multitool. Would you like to see more products like this in our stores? Please reply YES or NO."

10. Top customer. "Hi, Greg! You’re one of our top customers this month and we’d love to get some feedback. Is it okay if we send you a survey via email?"

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