Creating the Perfect Logo

logo designIt’s hard to think of the world’s most successful companies without visualizing their logo design. Apple, Starbucks, UPS – you can practically see them as you read this. While they all look very different, there are some common threads running through them that separate the great ones from the rest. Knowing these and other important insights means knowing how to design a logo that truly stands out.

Keep it True

A logo has to be true to the business it represents. In the case of Apple, it’s a symbol of enlightenment. Whether it’s Eve taking a bite of the fruit from the tree of knowledge or Newton being plunked to revolutionary new theories, the apple symbolically aligns with the company that bears its name. Your company and logo should strive for this synergy.

Keep it Simple

A good logo shouldn’t be complicated. Shoot for a look that clearly conveys your business across a variety of mediums. Up until the twenty-first century, this mainly meant in print, on billboards and on television, however the advent of online and social media has added another area to consider. Keeping it simple means using fewer colors, clean lines and readable fonts.

Choose Colors Wisely

Nothing makes viewers react more to your logo than the color you choose. Blues tend to convey a message of professionalism and trustworthiness. Greens stand for growth and earth friendliness. Orange is open and creative, while yellow conveys optimism. Purple is evocative and wise, while black sends a message of credibility and power. White means purity and simplicity while red can be bold, sexy and energetic.

Avoid Font Traps

When choosing a font for your logo stay away from trends or gimmicks. Something that looks cool to you today can fall out of favor tomorrow, and you want your logo to endure. Lean toward san serif fonts that hold up in an overall design. Make sure it can be seen from a distance, for instance, if your logo appears on your restaurant sign or a billboard on the interstate.

You may even want to pay to have a font developed specifically for you. While this can get pricey, it’s one way to ensure your logo is unique. If this is not an option, these top ranking free fonts might be an option.

Test Before You Commit

Once you put your logo out into the real world, it’s difficult to pull back. So before you do, have a focus group of employees view it and share feedback. You may learn that the colors you like might have a negative impact on others. Or that the font is difficult to read. An informal feedback session allows you to design out the glitches and refine your logo before it’s fully implemented.

Let a Pro Design It

Unless you’re a graphic designer, don’t fall into the temptation to design your own logo. So many factors go into creating a successful one that an inexperienced hand can lead to less than stellar results. By hiring a professional graphic designer, you can ensure that the work is well thought out and executed perfectly. You can help the process by providing insights into logos you like and dislike, what type of mood you want your logo to convey and providing thoughtful input and feedback.

At the end of the day, your logo is the first thing most consumers see, and is the foundation of your brand. Which makes getting it right the first time – and creating one that stands the test of time – all the more important. For further insights and inspiration, check out this piece on current logo trends.



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