5 Psychological Triggers that Increase Conversion Rates

An image of red heels being searched on an ipad.Ever wish you could read your customers’ minds? Knowing what they were thinking could help you convert their behavior into more sales. The good news is you don’t have to be psychic to do it. Instead, look for the mental signals that influence their buying decisions. Here are five of these psychological triggers along with ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing efforts to help increase conversion rates.

Take the Path of Least Resistance

Between work and family, time is scarce for customers. That’s why they tend to respond by taking the easiest path when buying. So if two stores offer the same product but one provides free delivery, they’ll often go with the one who’ll deliver—even if the price is a little more. Use this trigger to let customers know you make buying easy.

  • One idea. Map out the process a customer goes through to buy from you. Then take action at the stage where they get stuck. For online purchases, Google Analytics can help you monitor where customers fall out. That helps you clear a path for your customers.

Scratch an Itch

Once you get bit by an insect, it’s hard not to scratch it. The same is true when you pique a customer’s interest. They respond with an irresistible urge to find out more. A “Coming Soon” sign makes people curious. They might ask friends, scour the Internet or check back again to solve the mystery. Use this trigger to spark interest in your business.

  • One idea. Include a countdown ticker on your website or on your social media page about an upcoming event. Add an additional piece of information each day about the event. It’ll keep customers itching to find out more.

Consider the Source

For some customers, it’s not what they hear but who tells them about it. The credibility of a message tends to increase when it comes from someone they trust, like a friend. So look for opportunities to get others to tell your story. Some businesses use testimonials or referral programs. Use this trigger to increase the power of your message.

  • One idea. Offer an online coupon as part of your social media messages. But include a code that increases its value if they share it with a friend. Since the message about your business comes from a friend, it’s likely to be viewed as a more favorable source.

Turn Less Into More

You may not give something a second thought, until you find out it isn’t there any more. That’s why online shopping channels use a countdown ticker to let the audience know how many of an item is left. As the inventory creeps down, the demand gets more intense. To some customers, scarcity signals a need to take action now.

  • One idea. Consider offering incentives to first 50 customers who try a new service you’re offering. Display the count down in your store or on your website. As the opportunity becomes scarcer, the more attention it can draw.

Say My Name

Fans of the TV series, Cheers, know the value of a place where “everyone knows your name.” Using a customer’s name helps instill a sense of belonging. They feel comfortable and return often to repeat the experience. The use of a name can signal to customers that you care about them as individuals.

  • One idea. Consider customizing your promotional emails with the customer’s first name in the headline or subject line. Many email services allow you to create variable fields that can be populated with your customer data.

One of the keys to marketing small businesses is understanding the psychology of your customers. Knowing what influences their buying decision helps you convert their interest into more sales.

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