5 Dating Don’ts for Network Marketing

Business is all about building relationships. Like all healthy relationships, it involves some give and take, and most of all, foresight. Often, it's not so much what you do as what you don't do.

5 Dating Don’ts for Network Marketing

1. Swiping Left.

In business and dating, there's more than meets the eye, and making snap judgments can cost you valuable networking opportunities. Reach out to your contacts and learn more about what they do and where they come from before you assume their value. Even if they aren't in your industry, they may have creative insight that can help you gain a unique competitive advantage.

2. Moving too Quickly.

Nothing kills attraction like jumping the gun. You wouldn't pop the question after the second date, and one of the biggest no-no's in network marketing is asking for a referral at the first opportunity. Take some time to get to know the person. Learn about their business, ask how you can help them, maybe tackle a few projects together. When you know and trust each other, you can ask for that referral and be ready to give one in exchange.

3. Ghosting.

You got the referral, and now you disappear - you read messages without replying, don't reciprocate the favor, and eventually ignore them altogether. This will close the doors to any future ventures and may tarnish your reputation. Treat your contacts well - keep the lines of communication open, and treat them with the same courtesy and respect you would want. If you feel that a partnership just isn't right, let them know nicely and keep an open mind in case the situation changes in the future.

4. Making It Facebook Official.

You sent a friend request to their personal Facebook, uploaded a photo with your arm hovering around their shoulder, and tagged them in it. The problem is, they're not quite on the same page. Before you dive into Facebook or slide into their Instagram DMs, build the relationship on LinkedIn. Keep it professional until you both know and trust each other. Only then would it be appropriate to make it Facebook official.

5. Meeting the Parents.

You've had fun dates, discovered you have a lot in common, but are you really ready to meet the parents? Before you ask to connect with other people within the organization, make sure that your relationship is strong enough to justify the move. Remember, meeting the family is a big commitment and not one that you should take lightly.

Even when following these precautions, you will meet many contacts that just aren't right for you, and that's just how dating, er, network marketing goes. Learn from your experiences and before long you'll find the business partners you've been searching for.

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