30 Email Sign Offs That Get Attention

Your sales prospects are being bombarded by emails all day, every day - almost from the moment they wake up. According to one study, there are 269 billion emails sent every day around the world - that breaks down to 2.4 million emails every second. Sales emails (or worse: spam) make up about 45 percent of all those emails, to the tune of about 14.5 billion messages per day according to another study.

You need every opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition, and for those potential prospects to take your desired action BEFORE they click "Delete" or "Archive." Many people don't realize that email sign offs are actually the best way to accomplish both of these things at the same time. There are 30 email sign offs in particular that you'll definitely want to know about to get the type of attention you deserve.

The "Action Oriented" Email Sign Offs

These email sign offs are great because they accomplish two things at the same time - they remind people of the next step you'd like them to take, but they do so in a polite way that isn't going to scare anybody off. They're the best kind of call-to-action - one that doesn't generate any unnecessary pressure and still puts the next decision in the hands of the reader where it belongs.

  1. "I look forward to hearing from you/speaking with you soon!"
  2. "If you want to find out more, feel free to visit my website!"
  3. "If you'd like to know more, feel free to call me at [phone number]."
  4. "If you're ever in my area, feel free to look me up."
  5. "If this looks interesting, let me know at [contact method]."
  6. "I'm looking very forward to hearing what you think about this."
  7. "I'll be in my office all week, feel free to give me a call."
  8. "Let's get a cup of coffee soon and chat."
  9. "I can't wait for you to head to my website and see what else I have in store."
  10. "Let's catch up sometime. Feel free to [contact method]."

The Simple "Thanks" Email Sign Offs

These email sign offs are unique because they're actually not asking anyone to do anything. In theory, the next step that you want a person to take is already contained in the body of the message. This is just a short, sweet and (most importantly) genuine way to close a message. Rest assured, in an era where people are constantly being marketed to, this is incredibly refreshing.

  1. "Many thanks!"
  2. "Stay awesome!"
  3. "Have the best day possible!'
  4. "Keep up the great work!"
  5. "Sending positive vibes your way."
  6. "With gratitude.”
  7. "Warmest regards."
  8. "Take care."
  9. "Don't work too hard."
  10. "Keep fighting the good fight."

The "We're All in This Together" Email Sign Offs

Finally, these email sign offs are great because they immediately invoke an emotional response from the reader. It's less about some step you want them to take and more about the idea that you're both partners in whatever activities are just over the horizon.

  1. "I'm very excited to tackle this challenge with you."
  2. "It was great to find someone else who is as passionate about this as I am!"
  3. "Thank you for the opportunity to chat for a few minutes with a fellow [insert thing you have in common here]."
  4. "Together, there's nothing we can't do!"
  5. "I can't wait to have this experience with you."
  6. "Let's get this done."
  7. "I'm truly looking forward to helping one another on this."
  8. "You're an inspiration."
  9. "Let's get ready to [insert action here]."
  10. "Let's rock and roll."

Never underestimate how important it is to invoke an emotional response in your reader, particularly at the end of an email. With the right email sign offs, you can stand out and increase engagement with a potential prospect, while leading in to a great working relationship.

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