Three Tips To Save Time On Social Media

Running an effective social media program takes time. Unfortunately, most small business owners are already time starved as it is. So, how is it possible to keep your business afloat and manage social media successfully? These three shortcuts to save time on social media can help.

1. Devote One Day A Month To Planning

Jumping into social media is a little like grabbing a towrope on a ski hill. If you’re not ready for what’s ahead, you can be in for a wild ride. That’s why it’s important to take control beforehand by planning out a strategy.

Choose a day each month to map out events, key messages and special offers for the following month. Choose one or two platforms that are right for your business, and don’t try to do too much. If your business is guiding hiking tours in the mountains, identify the trails you’ll promote and any other offers that you’ll want to highlight.

Then put together a posting schedule, right down to the very day. For example, if your scheduling for August, create a table with the days of the month on the left, the platform you’ll be using in the middle and the content you’ll be posting on the right. When you’re finished, you’ll have something that looks like this:

Date           Platform       Post
August 1    Facebook       Shoshone Falls Park awaits you. Take in the scenery!
August 2    Twitter            Our top five hiking tips are here. Check out this clip!

This will take some time and energy, but don’t give up. At the end of the day, you’ll have a plan you can use to execute a month-long program, giving you the rest of the month to focus on the conversations your content created, and the other aspects of your business.

2. Use A Social Media Management Tool

Even with a plan in place, the time it takes to administer to the little things like keying in content and sending out posts can be significant. Which is why it makes sense to look into some online tools and apps that can help you consolidate efforts.

Hootsuite is a social media multi-tasker that allows you to load up posts and schedule their release beforehand. It accommodates several platforms, including the most popular ones, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. While the basic format is free, you can expand its capabilities for an affordable cost.

Sendible is another option that allows you to create and execute powerful social media programs. In addition to helping you facilitate and schedule, it offers reporting and other analysis that lets you see how effectively your posts are performing.

3. Get Help Or Hire Out

If you would rather focus on other aspects of your business rather than social media, consider designating an employee who has an aptitude and enthusiasm for it. Or, hire your own social media specialist. Tips on doing so can be found here.

While you may need to bump up someone’s salary or make room for another employee, it’s money well spent if it puts you and your business in a better position to succeed. What’s more, social media is an area that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

Successful social media takes energy and effort. Whether you expend it yourself or enlist someone to do it, the payoff can be more than worth it.



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