Socially Acceptable

In the rush to “do social” many small businesses overlook the fact that it takes more than just an affinity for apps and the latest smart phone to do it well.

Tweeting, posting and pinning for maximum effectiveness demand a unique blend of skills and temperament. If you’re the rare business owner who possesses this combination of traits (and the time to apply them), you might succeed at DIY Social.

If not, however, here are six things your Social Media Manager should be:


The ongoing dialogue of social media demands consistency. Posts must occur with enough regularity to keep Facebook friends engaged. Messaging must reflect your brand, day in and day out, sometimes within the confines of 140 characters. And everything must integrate with your traditional media efforts. Your ideal candidate will be focused and locked in.


While social media conveys an “everywhere, anywhere” vibe, the ability to discriminate is essential in business social media. You must know your target audience and which sites will effectively reach them. If you’re a B2B business, consider LinkedIn. If you’re posting special retail offers, Facebook may be the place to start. Your ideal candidate will take a rifle, not a shotgun, approach.


The “Twitterverse,” “blogosphere,”  and other realms are so saturated with content that getting dismissed, overlooked or both is the norm, not the exception. Your ideal Social Media Manager will understand that your content should relate to your target and your business–so that when you do catch someone’s attention, you’re making the most of their time and yours.


While it appears effortless on the consumer end, the back end of social marketing demands attention to detail and a dogged determination to see things through. As soon as you create a social media presence, you’ll have an active dialogue to maintain. Data will have to be analyzed, processed and interpreted. A good social manager can stay on task and prevent issues from compounding exponentially in this lightning-fast environment.


A healthy curiosity will lead an effective Social Media Manager to friend your competitors on Facebook or follow them on twitter. This type of reconnaissance is a must.


While the business side of social media can be serious, the fun and engaging programs that make business social so effective should not be lost on your candidate. In Social Media Managers as in every-day life, it’s always good to seek someone who knows how to have fun.


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