Blogging Basics for Small Business

In a visual world, one might wonder why blogging has emerged as one of the more successful ways to communicate with customers. Blogging is such an effective medium for business and there are a variety of ways it can make work for your business.

Every Business Has A Story To Tell

Blogging is a fantastic way to invite consumers into your small business story – and story telling is what blogging is all about. Whether it’s an overview of your quest for LEED Certification or a sneak peak behind the production line, blogs deliver in a format that’s easy to digest and simple to develop.

Storytelling Tips For Business Bloggers

  • Choose an interesting narrative or unique angle
  • Write in a conversational, yet professional, style
  • Keep word counts fewer than five hundred
  • Use a cliffhanger to encourage visitors to return

Consumers Want Transparency

Today’s consumers are sophisticated buyers who won’t stand pat if they’re not getting the information they feel is necessary to justify buying your product. Businesses that aren’t transparent risk negative public perceptions or will simply lose out to competitors that are.

Transparency Tips For Business Bloggers

  • Provide insights that frame your product or service favorably
  • Don’t give away trade secrets
  • If you’re not sure what consumers want to know, ask or poll them
  • Always be as honest and straightforward as possible

Blogs Can Position You As An Expert

Thought leadership is big in today’s business environment. And blogs are a perfect medium for positioning your business as a go-to resource. By packaging knowledge and doling it out in five hundred word ‘missives of enlightenment,’ your business blog can shine where competitors fall short.

Tips For Blogging As A Thought Leader

  • Cover topics that your business excel in
  • Include links to white papers or briefs in your blog
  • Feature an employee expert
  • Consider how-to video links

The Market Demands Content

In an age where consumers expect fresh content almost daily, blogs deliver. What’s more, they offer more depth than most social media sites. And while it’s true there’s a shift toward visual mediums, the written word crafted carefully can still draw consumers in.

Tips For Generating Content Consistently

  • Plan your blog posts ahead of time
  • Create an editorial calendar and stick to it
  • Leverage topics that are trending in mass media when possible
  • Think like a publisher

Promoting Your Blog Has Never Been Easier

One of the best things about blogs is how easy they are to promote. In fact, a well-placed blog can reach hundreds or even thousands with a single posting providing the content is interesting and the blog is well written.

Tips For Promoting Your Business Blog

  • Make it a feature on your business website
  • Post it on social media
  • Provide a link to it in emails to customers and prospects

Finally, remember that business blogging is a marathon and not a sprint. To really succeed, it takes patience and endurance. If you have these, your business blogging efforts can more than pay off in the long run.

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