Be More Than a Pretty Face

One of the challenges new small businesses face is getting the word out to potential customers. You can offer a mind-blowing product with world-class service at the lowest prices in town but if you don’t get noticed, your business won’t take off. Many owners look to Facebook to help them build awareness.

So, how do small business owners use Facebook?They start a relationship with potential customers by creating a Facebook page for their business. It’s simple, easy to create and can be an important part of your overall marketing efforts.

Facebook offers step-by-step instructions to build your own business page but here are some important elements to include on your new page:

  • Tell Your Story – In your description, be sure to tell people what’s in it for them. Give a short description of what you offer and how it can benefit them. Include your website address, if you have one, so they can get more details.
  • Put Your Best Face On – Choose a familiar image for your profile photo, like your logo or a photo of you. Readers will see this image by every message you post. This will help them pick you out among all the other posts they read.
  • Fall in Like – Include the “Like” button so visitors can get future messages from you on their own Facebook page, where their friends see it too.  It extends your reach to others who might be interested in your business.
  • Strike Up a Conversation – Post one to two messages each week on your page. It might be a helpful tip that relates to your business. Keep it short (100-250 characters).  Consider adding a photo or a video. For example, a new coffee shop could post a video showing how they make a steaming espresso drink.

Once you’ve created your page, show it off. Email your contact list and ask them to “like” your page, then share it with friends. You can also purchase ads on Facebook to reach your target market.

The more potential customers get to know you, the more they’ll know you’re not just a pretty face. You’ll become the trusted business they’ll go to when they’re ready to buy.

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