5 Tips for Effective Use of Facebook Live

Want to add a layer of depth to your Facebook page? Facebook Live, which gives you the power to broadcast live video content in real time to your followers, is the latest innovation from this social media trendsetter. These five tips on how to use Facebook Live will help you do it right.

1. Get to Know Facebook Live

Okay, this may seem obvious, but it bears mentioning that you can’t maximize Facebook Live’s potential without understanding the mechanics. The good news is they’re outlined, step by step, in this informative blog from Hubspot. Spoiler alert: It’s easier than you think.

2. Take Aim

Not literally, at least not yet, but before you start streaming from your phone, take a thoughtful look at your marketing calendar. Look for events that lend themselves to live broadcasting, such as a new product launch. The more you integrate Facebook Live with your marketing efforts, the more effective it will be. You want your Facebook Live content to be meaningful, and you want to dole it out judiciously to prevent viewers from getting bored.

3. Embrace the Potential

In addition to product launches, Facebook Live provides a variety of options for video streaming. Grand openings, sales events, holiday greetings – the list is limited only by your imagination. Want a few more ideas? Employee anniversaries, product demonstrations, interviews, volunteer events – you get the picture. For even more ideas, check here.

4. Engage With Your Viewers

One of the best features Facebook Live has to offer is the ability to get instant feedback from viewers and engage with them. For instance, say you sell used cars and you’re expanding your business with a grand re-opening event. You plan to give away a sports car to the person who guesses the mileage. With Facebook Live, you can extend the promotion online, increasing awareness and encouraging viewers to share your content or visit your location.

5. Leverage Your Library

As you post Facebook Live content, it becomes part of your feed after 24 yours, so it’s viewable as video. The more Live content you broadcast, the more video posts you have, which you can repost or revisit for additional marketing purposes. For example, the sports car contest video can be revisited when you announce a winner. Or, a holiday greeting from December can be recycled during the summer for a “Christmas In July” event.

Bonus Tip: Get Analytical

While the interactive feature of Facebook Live will give you great anecdotal feedback, you have the option of diving even deeper for more concrete analytics. Facebook devotes an entire tab to insights about your videos, along with other details you can use to gauge whether or not you’re succeeding. For details, click here.

Using Facebook as an online marketing tool means never standing still. By using Facebook Live to the fullest, your small business can continue marching forward with your viewers and target markets.



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