The Science Behind Building a Strong Brand

The Science Behind Building a Strong BrandThe science behind branding carries a lot of baggage these days. So much so, that it can be difficult to understand what it really means or how to build a brand effectively. If you’re wondering how to create a standout brand for your small business, the following tips, inspired by some noteworthy scientists, can help.

Isaac Newton

Some say he discovered gravity, while others might argue that it was here all along. Semantics aside, Newton’s theory and your brand have something very much in common. They both revolve around something that already exists.

Yes, you have a brand already, and the science of discovering it relies on your ability to articulate it, just as Newton showed that gravity worked. The formula for explaining your brand might look like this:

B = 4Ps x DNA

Your brand is the sum of your product, price, promotions and placement multiplied by your business’ DNA. Your DNA is most important. Without it, your brand could equal anyone else’s, and no two brands can have the same answer and stand out. This is especially true in a commodity business.

For example: Subaru and Volvo both build safe vehicles that are priced, promoted and placed similarly. The only relative difference between the two is that Subaru has family-focused DNA and Volvo’s is design-centric. This difference distinguishes two different, yet successful, brands.

Study what makes your small business special. It’s what you stand for, how you talk, where you stand in the community, etc., and when you multiply this times the basics, your brand will be successful. If you can’t find any differences, go back to the drawing board until you can.

Robert Oppenheimer

Regarded as the father of the U.S. nuclear program that brought World War II to a close, this master physicist was as well known for his ability to align thousands toward a single goal as he was for his scientific acumen.

Building a standout brand that endures also takes a consistency of effort across a variety of disciplines. Everyone from the bottom to the top must believe in the goal of creating a brand and do their part to live up to it day after day.

A formula for brand consistency that reflects this might look something like this:

F + C x T = B∞

Focus plus consistency over time will produce a brand that endures forever, theoretically. You can see this formula at work with some of the biggest brands today. For instance, Coca-Cola has dominated the soft drink industry by staying focused (one product) and consistent (one formula, discounting the ‘new coke’ experiment that failed quickly) since it was introduced in 1886.

Your Name Here

To succeed in branding it takes a formula for success. In addition to these shown here, it requires your own scientific methods. If you don’t have an established brand, tap your inner Newton and discover it. If you do, summoning your inner Oppenheimer can help sustain your brand for years to come. Either way, it’s science you can believe in.

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