How Commercials Can Help Your Brand Visibility

Want your commercials to do more than just sell a product? In this piece we’ll show you how to use them as brand-building vehicles that can help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace.

First, Make a Promise

Memorable brands all make a promise that’s unique to their business. For Subway subs, it’s a promise to deliver freshness. For Jimmy John’s it’s “subs so fast you’ll freak.”

What promise can you make that sets your business apart? If you don’t have a clear differentiator, look closely at what you do better, or where you might have an edge. You might even create one. For instance, if you’re in the pool cleaning business, your differentiator might be a money-back guarantee if the technician fails to arrive within fifteen minutes of the appointed time.

Work hard to create a true brand promise, and be careful not to land on something that’s convenient but less than differentiating. For example, many businesses like to say their people make a difference, yet these same people most likely came from a competitor and could easily leave to work somewhere else. Unless they’re superheroes, they’re probably not the differentiator you want to base your brand on.

Tell A Story

Your commercial message will resonate more with viewers if it tells a story that supports your brand promise. The latest Swiffer commercials do an excellent job of story telling. Each features everyday folk and shows how Swiffer can deliver on the promise of making their life a little bit easier.

If you’re struggling to find your story, here are some places you can look:

• Customers – perhaps you have a long-time customer who would be happy to do a testimonial. Or, maybe it’s a new customer that prefers your product or service over a competitor’s.

• Employees – do you have an employee who’s a good spokesperson? One who can convey his or her story about a business they can believe in, i.e. yours? If you’re good on camera and can convey your passion for your business, perhaps you’re the storyteller that will resonate with the most conviction.

Be Consistent And Frequent

Once you’ve landed on a brand differentiator and have a story to tell, be sure your commercial looks, feels and sounds the same way everywhere, especially if you’re running more than one.

For instance, the Swiffer commercials feature a variety of people telling individual stories, yet as a whole, they share a cohesive style and look, right down to the end screen with their logo and tag line. This way, each reinforces the next, so that viewers know that the Swiffer brand is about making life easier for everyday people through the use of their product. It also helps them identify their product over other brands when shopping.

When running your commercials, shoot for the highest frequency your budget will allow. The more your ad runs, the greater the viewer recall. Remember, viewers aren’t going to automatically remember your brand the first time your ad runs. It may take several airings over the course of days or even weeks before it resonates.

In Conclusion

Commercials are effective brand-building blocks that can help your business define itself in the marketplace. Done well, they can help your brand stand out in addition to selling products and services.

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