4 Ways to Tie Up Your Brand in a Nice, Neat Package

Real estate agents call it “curb appeal” and know it can determine whether someone drives by a home or stops in for the open house. Your customers do the same thing. They judge the value of your product or service based on how it’s packaged. It’s their first impression of your brand and plays a part in determining the perceived value of your offering. That’s why it’s important to tie up your marketing plan with the right packaging strategy.

The right packaging strategy can depend on a number of factors including: cost, available shelf space, shipping options, and environmental considerations. But the overall objective is to make the right impression with customers. Take a look at these four approaches to packaging to see if one might work for your small business.


  • Big Impression Packaging – Go for something memorable that hasn’t been tried before. For example, a hair salon might package a gift certificate in the shape of a mirror that reads, “Come see the new you.” It sets an expectation that their experience at the salon is going to be transformative.CAB_B-347-Packaging_Support-Expect_350x250
  • What You’d Expect Packaging – Rather than going for the innovative, stick with what the customer expects. People look for the red and white can if theywantCampbell’s soup. Or they expect Pringle’s chips to come in a cylindrical container. So if your restaurant serves Asian food, consider using the traditional square take-out box.
  • Six-Pack Packaging – Package multiple items together and sell them as a unit. So a candy store could sell a three-pack of chocolate bars. Customers get a price break and you increase the volume of sales made on an item. A variation is to package complementary items together—chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.
  • 2-in-1 Packaging – Use a package that can be used for something else. For example, a hardware store might use a plastic paint bucket rather than a plastic sack for newly purchased items. Afterward, the customer can reuse it to hold other items at home. This appeals to customers who are environmentally conscious.


Consider if one of these packaging options might work for your business. It’s an important way to tie your marketing strategy together by building a favorable first impression of your product or service.

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