4 Budget-Friendly Ways for Small Businesses to Advertise on Cable TV

Last year, the average cost for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl was $3.8 million. If you’re like nearly all small businesses, that’s way out of your league. But that doesn’t mean that TV advertising is out of the question, especially cable TV. That’s where you can reach smaller, more targeted audiences at a more reasonable price. Here are five budget-friendly ideas to make cable TV advertising part of your small business' game plan.

  1. Produce Your Ad on a Budget – The cost of creating a local 30-second commercial can range from $250 and up. Some local cable advertising offices will create an ad for free. But you must sign up for a minimum number of spots. Another option is to contact local colleges to identify recent graduates who freelance in video production. These individuals are often schooled on the latest technology. They’re looking for opportunities to build their portfolios (and their business) by working on smaller projects. Ask for samples of their work and references before making your decision.
  2. Consider a Package Deal – Ask the cable advertising office if they offer other promotional opportunities. For example, some offer ads on their website or other sites. Others offer co-sponsorships to community events. By negotiating a package deal, you may be able to extend the reach of your TV spots. That gets your name out in other media.
  3. Aim for Your Target – One of the advantages of cable TV is they offer stations that are singularly focused. For example, HGTV offers tips on buying, selling and renovating homes. That means you get access to a high concentration of your target market. That’s good if you offer a complementary product, like home security systems. So you get a wider exposure for your advertising dollars.
  4. Buy in Bulk – Consider buying multiple cable spots at a time. You’ll likely get a discount by doing so. It can also get you better placement, where higher numbers of your target market are more likely to see it. It also gives you the opportunity to predictably coordinate with the other elements of your marketing plan. For example, you might run a sale during the weeks when the ads are playing. Or it might be a good time to introduce a new product or service.

Cable television advertising is within reach for many small business owners. It offers the ability to reach local, target markets and deliver your message. Consider these budget-friendly ideas to make cable TV advertising part of your marketing plan.

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