How Veterans Can Serve Your Business

When hiring new employees, there are few guarantees that what appears on a resume or shows up in an interview will actually play out for real in a work situation.

However, there is one attribute many small business owners agree is a good indicator of future success with a new employee: whether the applicant has served in the military. A military trained applicant brings several positives to the table.

Here, we’ll look at several of them:


Veterans understand what it means to be part of a team. They’ve been trained to work side by side with others to achieve positive outcomes. They don’t let personalities get ahead of goals and can lead as well as follow orders. This versatility makes them shine during busy seasonal rushes as well as slower periods. Veterans are also quick to learn and make great mentors to other employees.

Cost Effective

In an age where the average cost of hiring and maintaining employees can run into the thousands, an employee with a military background can be a real asset. If you think of it, they’ve already been immersed in a system that appreciates top down leadership, so they’re less likely to leave if things aren’t going their way. In fact, they could become your biggest advocate for other employees who may not be as loyal. By hiring a veteran, you’ll have someone in the field who can help when the going gets tough.

Bottom Line Oriented

Someone who’s served in the military understands what it takes to ‘run a tight ship.’ A veteran will be more inclined to identify wasteful methods or tactics and bring them to your attention. Because they understand protocol, veterans are far more likely to adhere to your employee manual or enforce best practices to employees who may not be falling in line. The resulting efficiency can have a positive effect on your overall bottom line.

Diversity Aware

Few institutions expose its members to diversity as comprehensively as the military. Veterans have worked side-by-side with people from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. In a business world that’s getting more global by the day, hiring a veteran can be your key to navigating language and cultural barriers. The average veteran has been exposed to more countries and cultures than many in the civilian sector, making them an asset in a global economy.

Specific Training

Many veterans receive specific technical training skills that can be applied to your business. From Information Technology (IT) to specific mechanical skills, many of these attributes can cross over to your small business.

For instance, an IT specialist can review the efficiency of your network communications and implement changes. A veteran with a mechanical background might be an asset in a service department of an auto dealership. By hiring a veteran with real-world training, your business can save a considerable amount of money that can be used elsewhere.

Your business is only as successful as the people who stand behind it. By hiring veterans, you can rest assured that your business can stand strong.

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