5 Innovative Websites for Job Recruiting

Ready to add staff but struggling to find the time to hire someone and still run your business? You’re not alone. One source estimates that small business owners can spend 50 to 60 hours to recruit a new employee. While it’s a worthy investment, it’s also important to find qualified help fast. Check out these five websites for job recruiting to help you quickly generate a pool of qualified applicants. It’s your first step to help you find that right fit fast.

Online channels can be an effective way to get your recruiting message out. Start by posting on your own website. That’s where you have the biggest space to tell your story. Then look to job boards and job search engines to cast a wider net. Here are some of these websites (in alpha order):


One of the best sources to find potential candidates is to ask people you already know. That’s the idea behind using social media sites like Facebook. Your followers already know your business and who might be a good fit to work there. Posting on Facebook helps you tap that resource.

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a new feature that allows employers to post a job directly on their business Facebook page or in the “jobs bookmark.” You can review responses and contact applicants directly. Like other Facebook ads, you also have the option to “boost” the posting for a fee to target a more specific audience of people who don’t follow you yet.


This website pushes your job posting out to the masses. Indeed reports that over 200 million people visit their site each month. You can post your job for free or promote it to a more targeted market on a cost-per-click basis. These sponsored posts receive up to five times more responses so you find candidates faster. In addition, you can search a database of over 70 million resumes.

Since Indeed is also a search engine website, your posting will be listed with all other jobs. So you will want to carefully describe your opportunity using search terms that applicants are using to find their dream job.


Chances are, you already use this website to develop a network of professional contacts that will help you grow your business. The contacts you ask for help in identifying a new supplier can also be tapped to find potential candidates.

You can also post your job directly on your company page. Once posted, you get a limited number of free profile matches that align with your posting. The ongoing cost is based on the daily average budget you set. You are charged only for the number of job views you receive.

Simply Hired

This website lets you post your job opening to over 100 job boards where candidates can search by industry and region. That means you’ll get the word out faster and to a wider audience. You have the option to pay on a price-per-click basis to boost it higher in a candidate’s job search.

Resumes from candidates are sent to your email box. They also have an online dashboard that lets you organize and manage candidates online.


This website lets you post on 100+ job boards, including social media platforms, at one time. You can include pre-screening interview questions that save you time by delivering only qualified applicants. Responses can be tracked on their dashboard. In addition, it has a searchable database of resumes.

They offer several subscription plans based on the number of active ads you place at one time. A free trial is available on most plans. As an option, you can boost a posting to increase your response rate.

Job websites like these can help you quickly generate a pool of qualified applicants. That means you can spend your time evaluating candidates to find the right fit.

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