Small Business Education – Courses to Help You Succeed

Did you ever take a class that you just knew you’d never need in real life? If so, making up for it is as easy as enrolling in one or more of the following classes tailor-made for business owners, where the skills you learn can serve you for years to come.


Accounting is the language of business, and speaking it fluently can help you in a number of ways. Most intro courses cover all the topics a small business would need, including balance sheets, cash flow, working capital and other basics.

Computer Skills

You’re probably comfortable using computers, but are you using them as effectively as you could? Brushing up on basic skills, programs specific to your industry or new ways to access software and data such as “the cloud” is always a good idea, especially since the landscape changes frequently.

Presentation Skills

The ability to articulate ideas clearly and engage listeners can have a big impact on the success of your business. If you’re not a natural presenter or public speaker, a course can help you overcome anxiety and make persuasive business cases.


Few products or services completely sell themselves, which is where marketing comes in. A good class will teach you how to create a marketing plan and understand and execute the tactics that support it.


If your business isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like, a course on operations can teach you how to analyze and improve your processes. In doing so, it may reveal hidden efficiencies that might lead to lower production costs and greater output.


An effective management course will teach you concepts, leadership styles, tactics and the fundamentals required to successfully run your business. If you’re grooming someone to replace you, a management class can provide the candidate with a foundation you can build upon.


Whether you’re looking to sell your products in a global marketplace or hiring from a diverse community of workers, learning a new language can eliminate barriers and facilitate better understanding.

You can find most of these classes in your area by searching online,. They range from simple Internet courses to classes offered by established universities. Many will accommodate business owners by offering convenient night or weekend sessions, and costs can range from small to significant, depending on the depth of the course. No matter what the expense, it’s an investment that can yield attractive dividends.

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