How To Keep Fit When You’re On the Road

It’s easier to stick with your fitness routine when you have a regular schedule. But what small business owner has a regular schedule? One day you’re troubleshooting with a customer in another town and the next you’re in a neighboring state prospecting for new ones. So how do you keep your energy level up when you’re always missing that cycling class? Try these ideas to keep fit, even when you’re on the road.

Incidental Workouts

Look for opportunities to exercise that are incidental to your regular activity. For example, park away from the door so you can get in a few more steps. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stand while working on your laptop. Take a walk while catching up on phone calls.

Research has found that people who engage in incidental exercise think and feel better. And it doesn’t take extra time to do them. For example, here are 10 stretches you can do while waiting to see a client, in an airport holding for a flight or sitting in traffic on your way to an appointment.

Bodyweight Workouts

It’s great when your hotel has a fitness room. But what if you don’t get to the hotel until late and it’s closed? That’s where bodyweight workouts come in. You don’t need any equipment, all you use is your body—and you can do it in the hotel room.

Rather than stuffing a kettlebell in your suitcase, these routines rely on your bodyweight to provide the resistance needed to burn fat or build strength. They can also make everyday activities easier, like sitting in a car during a long drive. Here are 50 bodyweight exercises to try.


Sleep Workouts

Staying fit isn’t just what you do to stay active. It’s also the time you give your body to rest and recuperate. That can be difficult when you’re trying to cram as much into your road trips as you can. Sometimes, that means finding alternatives to the 8-hour sleep routine.

In this video, sleep expert Nick Littlehales explains why people should think about 90-minute sleep cycles instead. He makes the point that we need to focus on the cycles before and after you sleep. During those times you can take advantage of your hotel’s blackout shades to control the light going into or out of a sleep cycle.

Culinary Workouts

Eating on the run is often the fallback when you’re on the road. The trouble is, a hamburger and fries don’t provide the nutrition you need to keep up the pace. Here are some tips from LearningHowToBecome to fuel-up while you’re on the road:

  • Pack healthy snacks like energy bars or trail mix in your car or bag. They’re energy boosters and you’ll save time stopping for a less healthy bag of chips and a soda.
  • Fill a water bottle and establish a goal to finish it by the end of the day. It will encourage you to drink more water and stay hydrated.
  • Ask for substitutions when eating out. For example, choose a salad instead of fries. Ask for your chicken to be grilled instead of fried. Elect to have your dressing on the side.
  • Investigate apps like HealthyOut. In over 500 cities, it can help you locate nearby restaurants that cater to food preferences like low-carb or vegan.
  • Make use of the free breakfast offered in many hotels. Some even provide on-the-go bags to take with you on the road.

Don’t forget to make business trips profitable by mapping out your workouts as well as your route. With little equipment and limited time, you can still find ways to maintain the energy you need, even when you’re on the road.

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