Exercise More than your Business Skills

If you’re a savvy small business owner, you exercise restraint when it comes to spending. When you’re trying to solve a tough problem, you exercise your options. But when it comes to performing at your best, are you exercising your body and mind too? If not, your business might be missing out. Here’s why smart entrepreneurs make exercise a key part of their strategy for success.

Exercise Reduces Stress

As a business owner, a lot of people are counting on you. Your customers for service, your staff for their livelihood, your family for support, and your city for a strong community. Left unchecked, that kind of pressure can lead to health problems. In fact, the Federation of Small Businesses reports that one of the top health challenges for small business owners is their mental health.

Exercise can play an important role in managing that stress. The American Council on Exercise reports that exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction. It elevates your mood and keeps depression at bay. You benefit, and so do all those people who depend on you.

Exercise Increases Productivity

You might be exhausted after a 20-minute workout, but over time, exercise can make you feel like you have more energy. And that can make you more productive at work.

Chemically, your body releases endorphins during exercise that help increase your energy reserves. Exercise can improve your stamina, so you have a greater reserve of energy that you can use throughout the day.

It also helps to tone muscles. That means the daily activities of running a business will feel a little easier. You can do more with less effort.

Exercise Powers Up Your Brain

Exercise isn’t just for muscles. It can improve brain function too. WebMD reports that exercise can increase energy levels and serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity.

That means you’ll have more energy to solve the problems that your business encounters.

Exercise Builds Your Network

The act of exercising often puts you into contact with more people. Whether you’re at the gym, running with a buddy, or participating in a yoga class, your circle gets larger. Each of these relationships has the potential of expanding your social network. It might be an influencer in your industry, a potential supplier, or a new client.

The connections you make are based on a common experience. So they occur organically. That generates a level of trust, which is an important factor in getting referrals.

Looking for an edge in your marketplace? The answer isn’t always in your business know-how. It’s also in your physical and mental well-being. Exercise may be just the investment you need to achieve greater business success.

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