5 Simple Ways to Make Your Workplace Healthier

Hold a mirror up to your workforce and what does it reveal: a lean, mean, fighting machine or something a little more sluggish? If the latter is the case, the turnaround to a healthier, competitive workplace starts with you – and these five tips will get you started.

1. Cut Out The Sugar

Candy dishes are for visitors, right? Then why are the contents within typically consumed by a steady stream of colleagues? By cutting out the sugary snacks, you can eliminate the extra calories that can add up quickly and weigh down your workforce.

If vending machines are the culprit, try filling them with healthier snacks or sugar-free drinks. Your employees may resist at first, but once they bite into a low-carb bar that tastes better than expected, they’ll come around.

2. Keep Them Moving

Sitting in meetings is one approach to getting things done. But meetings held while standing, walking or doing light work, such as sweeping the warehouse floor, add dimension and potential. Bodies in motion tend to make things happen. And when the blood gets flowing, the flow of good ideas and input usually improves.

3. Encourage Biking

Biking to and from work has obvious health benefits. But getting employees on board with the idea can be difficult. Objections include arriving to work sweaty, not being able to wear nice clothes and parking concerns. To address these, consider changing dress code standards to accommodate bikers. If possible, provide shower or locker room accommodations and dedicate space for ample bike racks.

4. Form A Team

The company softball team is a workplace institution. So why not extend the idea to other sports? From soccer to ping pong to curling to bowling, there are more than enough sports to keep employees active throughout the year, even in wintery climates. (And if you do choose bowling, make it a light beer frame.)

5. Run For Charity

Does your business support a cause, such as breast cancer awareness or the fight against Alzheimer’s disease? Chances are there’s a 5K run (or longer) in your area that supports it. Form a company team and encourage your workers to join by leading the way. When everyone runs together, everyone wins.

A healthy workplace and a healthy bottom line go hand in hand. If your workplace needs to get in better shape, these simple tips can get you there.

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