10 Must-Listen Leadership Podcasts

Ever think it’d be nice to attend a leadership seminar? But then you remember all the things on your to-do list and the thought vanishes. Don’t give up just yet. Podcasts are an easy way to fit leadership training into your schedule. That’s because you can listen to them during the course of your day, like when you’re driving to see a client, checking on stock, or getting ready in the morning. Start with these leadership podcasts and invest in yourself (and your business) on your own schedule.

1. The Solopreneur Hour

Pull up a chair with host Michael O’Neal who offers candid insights and bold advice as he interviews solopreneurs from a variety of industries. Here’s a sampling of episodes: How to Make a Landing Page, YouTube Masterclass-Part 3, or Free Coaching Friday.


2. How I Built This

This NPR podcast hosted by Guy Raz provides a behind the scenes look at some of the best-known companies, many of which started as a small business. Find out how entrepreneurs like Chip Wilson (Lululemon Athletics), Mariam Naficy (Minted, online stationery store), and Katrina Lake (Stitch Fix, personal shopping) did it.


3. Smart Passive Income

Entrepreneur Pat Flynn conducts weekly interviews that focus on building your online business (although you can apply them to brick-and-mortar businesses too). This one provides specific tips and tricks you can use now. For example, past episodes include: How to Run a Contest to Build Your Mailing List and How to Create a Marketing Funnel That Works.


4. Leaders in the Trenches

Recognized by Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine, host Gene Hammett concentrates on leadership growth by interviewing company leaders, best-selling authors, and experts. Past topics include: the importance of culture, the “test” method for approaching new strategies, and developing internal leaders.


5. Entrepreneurial Wrap

Hosts David Brickley and Brett Regan interview entrepreneurs about how they got where they are today. They also feature the tech industry. In a recent episode, they interviewed Rob Dube, author of “Do Nothing.” It’s a leader’s guide to the importance of meditation—a practice that successful entrepreneurs and world-class athletes share.


6. These Are My People

Hosted by SmartHouse Creative, this podcast targets creatives, but the ideas they discuss could apply to all leaders. The focus is how people find an audience for their art (or product/service). It covers topics like marketing, publicity, and social media. A recent episode described how the creators of an audio drama used fundraising to create brand champions that helped them spread the word.


7. LaunchStreet

Innovation is an essential ingredient to effective leadership. It’s how many businesses differentiate themselves from the competition. This podcast interviews entrepreneurs who are “shaking it up” in their industry. One episode explores why strong leaders lead to a culture of innovation while strong managers lead to a culture of micromanagement.


8. The LEADx Show

Host Kevin Kruse interviews top leadership experts for career advice and management tips. There are five new episodes a week, so you might make this a daily habit. At the end of each episode the host and guest challenge listeners to get 1 percent better by trying out one idea from the show.


9. The Introvert Entrepreneur

You don’t have to be the life of the party to be a top business owner. Introverts can be just as successful, as author and coach Beth Buelow explores in this podcast. She offers living proof by interviewing these leaders and offering advice and inspiration.


10. Start Up

This is a documentary series dedicated to what it’s like to create and launch a startup business. Now in its seventh season, it provides inspiration and practical tips for businesses old and new. The first season was recently made into the TV series, Alex Inc., starring Zach Braff.


You can listen to many of these podcasts on their websites, but you can also subscribe to them on sites like iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or YouTube. The advantage is that new episodes will automatically be downloaded to your device, saving you time and making it even easier to develop your leadership skills.

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