Women’s History Month: Everyday Women in Field Tech Excellence With Angela.


Cable One Celebrates Everyday Women in Field Tech Excellence During Women’s History Month  

This March, during Women’s History Month, Cable One is proud to celebrate the unique stories of our Female Field Technicians. We honor them by learning more about the breadth and depth of their individual experiences.  

Meet Angela Furgison  

Angela tech


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.  
A: I am a 26 year old Hispanic female that has done a wide range of jobs prior to coming to Cable One. I enjoy my job but I also have a wide range of hobbies outside of work such as Hunting, quilting, car mechanics and more. 

Q: Tell us about your role at Cable One. 

A: My role at cable one is to provide customer service, resolve internet issues, and get the customers the best experience with our internet that we can provide. I recently got promoted to Senior Field Technician in Lawton, OK which has expanded my knowledge and skills when it comes to the basics of the job.  

Q: Share one thing you like about the Cable One culture. 
A: I enjoy the open communication cable one encourages between all employees the most. 

Q: Our new Cable One Ambition is to be the most trusted broadband provider for America’s small cities and large towns. In your role, how are you living our Ambition?  

A: In my role here I do my best to provide our customers with the best experience while I am there. I also strive to be as knowledgeable as possible so that I can handle all possible internet issues and resolve customer issues in a timely manner. 

Q: How are you involved in your community?  
A: I have only been living in this community for a little over a year and haven’t had the opportunity to get involved as much as I’d like. I am an ethical hunter which does affect the community by helping the environment. 

Q: What is it like to be a woman in a male-dominated field?  
A: Being a woman in a male-dominated field can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. There are moments that have helped me realize my own capabilities, but overall it is a wonderful challenge that helps me expand my skills. 

Q: What advice would you give other women who want to explore a career as a Field Technician?  

A: The biggest piece of advice that I have come to learn while here has been that your own mindset is what will help you excel in this field. Believe in yourself because you ARE capable of anything you set your mind to. 

Q: Who are your female mentors/role models and how have they inspired you?  
A: Growing up my sister was my biggest role model, she has always encouraged me at all that I strive to do. She has shown me that determination and planning can be the biggest asset or show you where you need to improve. 



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