Why Direct Messaging is the Key to Success with Instagram for Business

Marketing is about selling your products and services, yes – but it’s also about something far more important at the same time. Marketing is a communication medium at its core and your success lives and dies based on the strength of the connection you’re able to forge with your audience. For the last few years, people have been using social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for business to build that relationship. That said, the direct messaging feature on Instagram can be used in a wide range of ways for lead generation, that is more than worth exploring.

Instagram for Business and Direct Messaging: Breaking It Down

One of the primary reasons direct messaging and Instagram are crucial for lead generation has to do with the type of information you already have at your disposal. When personal and corporate brands create Instagram profiles, you can learn a lot of the information you need to know for more targeted messaging in just a few quick clicks of your mouse including where someone is from, what they’re interested in and what they’re passionate about. All of this can be used to narrow your communication efforts and focus directly on the people who are already interested in brands just like yours.

This, in turn, leads directly to another one of the significant benefits of direct messaging: it’s an incredibly powerful form of active communication. When you create a public post, part of your success comes down to someone coming across it throughout the day. Direct messaging is much less passive than hoping someone happens upon your brand in a search.

The Power of Immediacy and Intimacy

Direct messaging is an immediate way to establish a connection. By replying quickly, your prospects and clients get instant gratification (or close to it). They don’t have to wait on hold when they call your business, or do an online search to find your website or email address.

It’s also a personal form of communication as well. When someone gets a direct message on Instagram, they know that they’re not dealing with automated marketing, or a mass message. There’s a real person on the other end of that computer screen, and this person-to-person connection is compelling.

The key differentiator that separates you from your competitors may come down to the strength of the relationship you build with your audience. Direct messaging on Instagram allows you to demonstrate how accessible and personable you before a prospect even does business with you.