Part II: Growing Your Etsy Business

If you run a business on, you know the simple part is getting set up. But once this is accomplished it’s not always clear how to go from start-up to maker business superstar. In this piece, we’ll share a few tips you can use immediately to gain traction and ramp up sales. Growing your Etsy business has never been easier!

1. Brand Like A Pro

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-branded business. Figure out what differentiates your operation from your competition and use this to stand out. Be sure your products and photography reflect your personal style. If you’re offering superior craftsmanship, your site should be ripe with examples. Include photos and videos that demonstrate your skills.

Incorporate your exceptional branding into your logo, look and content. If you don’t have the skills, have a professional create your logo or help with site design. If a pro can help you bring out your brand’s best, go for it.

Add a touch—or more—of what makes you and your shop truly unique. Take a page from the “Keep Portland Weird” movement and accentuate the goofy, odd, and highly interesting angle that draws visitors in and encourages them to come back. The more brilliant you are, the better your chances of standing out.

2. Titles, Images and Descriptions are King

Similar to blog posts, it’s important to understand which content helps your customers find you. Etsy products are most often found through a search, either through Google or on Etsy itself.

The first few words of your title are crucial when it comes to matching up with what a buyer is searching. For example, if you’re selling a scarf, you might title the product ‘Vintage Ann Klein Blue Scarf’ which is better than ‘Lovely Silk Swirl Shades of Gray.’ The second example calls the item lovely, but it doesn’t give clear clues about the item’s value, like the designer’s name or that it’s vintage. The fact that the item is a scarf doesn’t even appear in the title.

Make sure images are clear, closely cropped and in color. You’re competing with thousands of other sellers and their products – you want your product images to stand out. Even if you’re a first time seller using your smart phone to take pictures, consider taking a class to learn how to do it well.

Put some thought into your item descriptions – they are doing the job of a good salesperson. Be sure to add keywords that will help buyers find the items, like material the item is made of, color, how old or valuable it is and the name of the designer or manufacturer. This information will also make it more attractive and might just close the sale.

3. Find Resources and Support

There is a wonderful community of supportive makers out there willing to give advice, share news and tips. Here are a few:
• Etsy has published this guide on how to get started.
CraftCount lists top Etsy sellers by number of sales in each category - see what insight you can glean from those top selling profiles and products.
Handmadeology publishes helpful articles for artists who want to sell their items successfully online.
• Check out these Top 10 Tips from full-time sellers published by Etsy.
Kollabora is an online community for makers, artists and enthusiasts to learn from each other.

As an Etsy business owner, you have total control over your success. By using the tips shared here, you can increase your chances of succeeding.

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