Personality Fit – Do You Have What It Takes to Run a Home Business?

Ever wonder if your personality is the best fit to successfully run a business from home? Do you have the traits most often associated with people who make successful entrepreneurs?

Researchers have long been fascinated with what makes some entrepreneurs and leaders more successful than others, eager to explore the commonalities and personalities for any insight that could reveal the prerequisites for success.

Whether in media interviews or business school case studies, there have been traits and personality types that are deemed common to successful entrepreneurs, many of whom started their companies at home.


Entrepreneurs from every industry and around the world will often attribute their success to perseverance. That drive is what it takes, they say, to push through the highs and lows that you experience as a business owner on your way to success.

Also another important one cited is determination, which allows you to keep reaching for your goal of building a successful business. You need a “never give up” attitude to help you run a business from home, including navigating the challenges of a 24/7 schedule and balancing work and family.


It’s not easy to run a business from home but having a passion for what you do – whether you’re creating, serving or producing – makes it easier. Just like perseverance and determination, passion can help power you through to your goal.

It takes a person with a passion for what they’re doing to sustain consistent efforts over time. The long hours, the financial stress and all the hard work that goes with managing a business become purposeless without a love for what you do. Passion serves as your reminder of why it’s worth it.


Another trait identified with successful business owners is vision. Are you future-focused? If you’re someone with a strong desire to plan things out, you get how important having a vision is to your strategy.

Whether it’s mapping cash flows and business growth or creating backup plans to plans A and B, business owners who bent toward looking at the future are more successful than those with short-sighted tendencies.

Discipline and Patience

These two are critical to a successful business but even more so if you’re running a home business.

Discipline can keep you focused on the big picture, your business and your plan. People who have discipline can counter any distractions or hindrances that may interfere with your goals or cause harm to your business. And in the micro-view, it takes a person with discipline to stay on course and run a business in a home environment.

Similarly, patience is crucial for a successful home business. You’ll need to tap it often – as you learn daily about budgeting, planning, technology and all the other subjects that will pop up. Business owners are always learning and adjusting. Patience pays off when it’s time to hang in there. Patience will keep you from trying to move too fast or from taking shortcuts and help you make good decisions.

You Can Succeed with Any Personality

Yes, there are personality traits like those mentioned above that undoubtedly help – but have no doubt you can succeed with any personality. To succeed, you really just need to have one or two strong, undeniable traits.

Maybe you’re self-motivated and long hours don’t bother you. Maybe you love what you’re doing and don’t even consider it work. Maybe you can multitask better than anyone – or maybe, like a lot of small business owners, you’re multitalented and can handle a lot of specialized tasks yourself.

If you have a gift with people, or a specialized skill, you’re ahead of the game – and, if you play to your personality’s strengths, whatever they may be, you’ll find a way to succeed.

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