Top Magazines for Small Business Owners

Time is certainly at a premium when you own a small business, but keeping up with the most current information in the business world and your industry can bring you valuable insight    relevant to running your company.

Business magazines can serve as an entertaining resource for that steady and convenient stream of information. Check out these top magazines for small business owners for a mix of business news, features and focal points. All offer printed editions as well as online editions.


Fortune Small Business

Fortune, published monthly, covers the discoveries of business. Its small business-dedicated edition offers the latest news by business sectors, including energy, finance, health, leadership, luxury and retail. Recent stories included one about women business owners and their thoughts about growth in the coming year – and a new Facebook policy that will ban your ads if your business gets too many customer complaints about service. 



Inc. magazine, with eight printed issues a year, features new and archived articles of interest to small business owners or to someone starting one. The magazine’s digital edition is intuitively organized with sections divided by stage of business or specific advice dispensed by experts on the issue being discussed, such as finance, leadership, sales, technology, and marketing. One recent magazine article shares the story of two entrepreneurs who turned their startup seafood shack into a $60 million empire.    

Choose from content categories -- Grow, Lead, Innovate, Technology, Money and Startup and subset topics such as funding, strategy, and social media. There are “special reports” and features by Inc. contributors about well-known companies and business trends.



Printed monthly, Entrepreneur delivers more big-picture and inspirational articles than list- and advice-driven content. You get interesting and journalism-driven features on celebrity entrepreneurs and brands and on business successes or failures. A recent cover story featured the uber-success of the Property Brothers -- they talk to the magazine about their strong partnership and the role it’s played in growing a business empire.

You’ll also find articles with specific business advice, such as a recent blog by Entrepreneur editor-in-chief Kevin Smith, who shared insight about customer service in Lead With The Value You Can Provide


Fast Company

Innovation is the editorial focus of Fast Company, started in 1995 by two former Harvard Business Review editors. A magazine for “progressive business leaders,” Fast Company offers features and insights helpful to small business owners and companies of all sizes, covering topics in five key areas: technology, leadership, world changing ideas, creativity and design. A recent issue focused on the 50 Most Innovative Companies and another on the Secrets of the Most Productive People.

On its digital site, the Impact category offers well researched articles about social issues peripheral to business that encourage readers to “think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business.”


Business Matters

A little something different… Business Matters is a U.K-based monthly business magazine aimed at small business owners and medium-sized companies in the United Kingdom, with news coverage, analysis, interviews with leading entrepreneurs and opinions on the small business sector. Among its columnists are high-profile business leaders in the U.K. such as entrepreneur and TV dragon Duncan Bannatyne and the entrepreneur and former secret millionaire Charlie Mullins.

There’s daily rolling content online, with legal, marketing, sales and business guides, plus interviews, success stories, and profiles.



Success magazine aims its content at small business owners and others in business who are “proactive in finding the inspiration, motivation and training to achieve their goals.” You’ll find articles on best business practices, inspiration from major personalities in business and entertainment, and tips on how to be in the best possible mental and physical shape to compete and reach your goals.

The digital edition organizes blogs under Business, Motivation, Personal Development, Success and Well-being tabs. A recent Success post was “How I Make Motherhood and Solopreneurship Work.” 


Wired Business

The monthly Wired comes at everything from a technology-angle. It covers business stories and conversations that illuminate technology in all aspects of life. There’s relevant information about the latest breakthroughs, innovation and advancements in technology and how they relate to business. It’s a great magazine for keeping up on the biggest names in tech industry but also has plenty of articles and insightful discussions of interest to small business owners, such as a recent article about the latest apps to “take the work out of your work day.”

On the Wired website, you can also navigate your way through a smorgasbord of well researched articles in other tech categories: Culture, Gear, Transportation, Science, Security, and Ideas. In Security, for example, one recent article discussed why Firefox Send is an easy way to share large files securely.


Home Business

You’ll get the kind of stories you’d expect from a magazine named Home Business as well as articles of interest to small business owners whose companies aren’t home-based. The print edition comes out quarterly. Home Business digital edition offers short articles and podcasts in categories such as Sales, Growth, Money and Office. Recent articles included tips on surviving small talk if you’re an introverted entrepreneur and advice on sales page upgrades.

There’s also an extensive section that sells products such as “business opportunities” and franchise start-up kits and other services.

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