The Best Blogs for Small Business Owners

It’s hard to keep up on the latest when you’re trying to run a business. Customer, employee, and management issues always seem to come first. That’s what makes blogs so appealing. It’s a way to stay current but on your own time. Many posts can be read in a matter of minutes and you can access them on the go from anywhere. 

In addition to our own blog, The Wire, take a look at these small business blogs and connect with a larger community of business owners who might have an idea you can use.  

  • BizSugar – Looking for a blog that covers a little bit of everything by someone who’s been there? The creator offers real-life lessons learned on sales, marketing, operations, finance and staffing. And you’ll get access to free training, events, interactive tools and a Mastermind community where you get ideas from others. Check out their template on setting sales goals.
  • DIY Marketing – What small business couldn’t use some low-cost marketing ideas? This blog provides a steady stream of marketing ideas for content, digital and social media promotions. Here’s a recent post. There’s also a section that reviews popular business books. 
  • EO Fire – OK, this one is really a podcast but think of it as an audio blog. It’s great for people who would rather listen than read. Check it out if you’re looking for some inspiration. You’ll find interviews with leading entrepreneurs and how they solved a business problem. Here’s one on driving more sales using earned media. 
  • Evergreen Small Business – Penned by two CPAs from the Seattle area, this blog focuses on the financial aspects of running a small business. Their posts often address tax-related issues. You’ll also find a valuable resource library that includes state-specific kits on forming an LLC or S-corporation. Another blog, Big Ideas for Small Business, offers similar content. 
  • Get Busy Media – Do your marketing efforts need help? This blog helps small, local start-ups to assemble a marketing strategy, not just a one-time campaign. You’ll find interviews with successful entrepreneurs along with specific posts on social media, online and mobile marketing. Here’s one on growing your business without losing your hometown roots. 
  • Mind My Business – If you’re just starting a business, this blog’s for you.  You’ll find business tips and ideas on topics like expanding your business online or best finance loan options. Actually, much of the content could be used by established businesses too. For example, check out the post, “7 Reasons Your Small Business Is Not Generating Sales.”
  • Small Biz Club – “Learn. Network. Belong” is this blog’s tagline. Look for posts ranging from the fundamentals of business to the latest cutting-edge trends. That means it’s on point for start-ups as well as established businesses wanting to grow. Here’s a post detailing Facebook’s redesigned Ads Manager service. 
  • Small Biz Survival – This award-winning blog is aimed at regular everyday small business owners in rural and small towns. You’ll find a variety of how-to articles with an emphasis on social media marketing. It also offers some great resource material based on what stage your business is in. And there’s an opportunity to network with other small town entrepreneurs.
  • Succeed As Your Own Boss – Authored by Melinda Emerson, the self-titled “SmallBizLady,” this blog offers advice on development and social media marketing. Forbes named her as the No. 1 woman for entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter @smallbizchat. Here’s her personal take on what to consider when taking over the family business. 
  • Women on Business – This online community specializes in news, advice and articles aimed at the unique challenges facing female entrepreneurs. For example, a recent post offers practical advice on strategic networking for women. Take a look at their resources tab for recommendations on marketing, sales and operational tools they couldn’t live without.  

Learn on your own schedule by taking advantage of these small business blogs. They offer quick, bite-sized pearls of wisdom that will help keep you on the leading edge of what’s happening in the small business marketplace.

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