The Advantages of Owning Your Own Business

A man sitting at his desk while writing notes.Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly half a million Americans strive each month to make this same dream a reality. Might you be one of them? The following advantages can help you decide.

You’ll Love Your Boss

Just think. No more disagreements with the man or woman in charge. No one is watching to make sure you’re in by 8:00 a.m. When you run your own business, you’re in total control. What’s not to love about that?

You Control The Work-Life Balance

Are you a night owl who works best when the kids are asleep? Do you need afternoons free to coach your daughter in soccer? Not a problem. Setting your own schedule is one of the best perks of being a business owner.

Family Can Help

Bring your child to workday can happen any time when you’re in charge. When they’re young, you can introduce your children to the concept of a strong work ethic. When they’re grown, they can put that ethic to work alongside you. Spouses, siblings and relatives can also help, especially if you dream of running a family business.

The Dress Code Is Chill (As In Casual, Not Cold)

Want to work in workout gear? If it helps you do your personal best, feel free. When you work from home, you can wear whatever makes you the most productive, whether it’s sweatpants, a swimsuit by the pool or your classic jeans and T-Shirt. Now that’s a code nearly anyone can abide by.

Mobility Keeps Improving

Many new business owners are sole proprietors or single-person shops. If you’re one of them–say, a graphic design consultant–you can move to where you’re most productive. Is home too loud with the kids at home for Spring break? Make the nearest coffee shop or library with wifi can be your temporary office.

You Can Promote Yourself

Running your own business means never having to wait in line for a promotion you deserve. It also means no more employee reviews from superiors who don’t see your potential or understand your point of view. As long as you’re running the show and living up to your own professional expectations, you can promote yourself at will.

You Can Indulge Your Passions

When your name is on the door and your ideas are in play, there’s no better feeling on earth. Because your business is your baby, it’s personal fulfillment as much as it is work. And when the things you dreamed about start coming true, you’ll be pinching yourself daily.

Success Breeds Success

When you run your own successful business, it can open up a variety of possibilities. You might be able to sell your business, giving you the opportunity to cash in and try another startup. Or it may give you the credentials to work for someone else – but this time closer to the top.

No matter what type of business you have your heart set on in trying to make the next big success, consider the pros first. And if you’re like many Americans today, you’ll see a great case for giving it a shot.

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