6 Terrific Ideas to Start Your Own Mobile Business

Mobile businesses continue to be popular among new entrepreneurs. Not having to pay for a dedicated location or face significant inventory demands can translate into lower costs compared to other startups.

With a mobile business, you're taking your services or goods directly to your customers, wherever they are -- whether that means events, special occasions, busy downtown districts, or at their workplace or home.

"If you can move your business, you can increase your customer base by setting up at special events or high-traffic areas," says a blog by Small Business Trends

Here are six great ideas for a startup mobile business. 

Pet Grooming. The home delivery of pet grooming services is among the most popular trends for a mobile business, propelled by ongoing high demand.

Sometimes, pet owners may find it difficult to load up their animals in the car and transport them to the groomer so that they may be washed and groomed, points out a post by Nerdwallet.

By setting up a mobile salon in a van or trailer, you can provide pet owners with an on-demand, on-location pet grooming service, according to the post, adding that offering services for both dogs and cats will increase your market.

Making on-site service available to pet households is important to busy pet owners. 

Pet parents take the upkeep of their pets' silky hair just as seriously as they do of their own, says a Forbes blog by Square. 

Making house calls can be quite profitable for pet groomers. In the pet care market, convenience is a significant value-add, and many pet owners are ready to spend more to avoid making the journey to the groomer.

Tech Help. Everyone knows the importance of tech expertise, and providing it where your customer needs it is even better.

There are many physical tech repair shops, but it can be challenging for customers to schedule an appointment that works for them, writes Sally Lauckner in the Nerdwallet post, especially during emergencies.

Further, a mobile tech service can help you provide on-site and faster support for business owners and other individuals who need specialized help, such as data recovery, screen repair, wireless troubleshooting, etc. 

Hair or Makeup Services. If you are skilled and experienced in the salon industry, you know how in-demand these services are.

People are happy to pay for excellent services that are incredibly convenient on a hectic day such as their wedding, says the Nerdwallet post.

In addition to the huge wedding market, potential opportunities for your mobile business include other special occasion events and corporate clients in the fashion, advertising, and media industry.

Food or Coffee Trucks. Among the best-known mobile businesses - perhaps the "original" of mobile companies - are those specializing in food specialties or coffee products.

"A food truck allows you to meet your audience where they are, with the flexibility to move your location based on consumer interest," explains a Forbes blog.

Consider a cart-based business that doesn't need as much room if you don't want to invest everything in a food truck, such as ice cream or coffee specialty.

Dog Walking and/or Pet Sitting. This mobile business allows entrepreneurs to tap into the growing multibillion-dollar pet industry. 

According to Morgan Stanley, two-thirds of all families in the U.S. now have at least one pet. Per-pet spending is also rising, the company adds. Further, pet ownership is expected to triple in size over the next decade, the investment firm said.

"Changes in demographics, household formation and consumer behavior could nearly triple the size of the U.S. pet industry, from $118 billion in 2019 to $275 billion in 2030," says an article posted by Morgan Stanley.

Consequently, there is an increasing need for goods and services relating to animals, such as dog walking, dog daycare, and grooming, writes Garit Boothe in a post for Entrepreneur.

Flowers & Plants. Running a mobile floral or plant business could be ideal for entrepreneurs with expertise or just a flare for gardening - providing flowers, bushes, shrubs, garden starts, or patio and potted plants.

Cultivating plants from seeds is challenging for many individuals, which explains the willingness to shell out money for already-grown flowers or trees, says the Entrepreneur post.

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