5 ways to Boost Your Energy And Get More Done

Running a small business takes a lot of energy and your “well” needs ample replenishment to prevent burnout and lost productivity.

“An entrepreneur's life can be exhausting, and yet your overall success hinges on your ability to push through and keep at it, day in and day out,” says serial entrepreneur and investor Deep Patel in an article for Entrepreneur.

Here are 5 ways to boost your energy and get more done:

Prioritize Energy Self-Care. Successful entrepreneurs and leaders often talk about the importance of their healthy routines – how they consciously integrate wellness activities into their every day to optimize energy and productivity.

“Top performers understand just how crucial wellbeing is to their productivity and decision making,” says Nutrition Unravelled, an Ireland-based health coach service aimed at entrepreneurs and executives.

“Having consistent energy levels impacts the profitability and the growth of their business and this ripples out into many other key aspects of life too.”

Take a daily dose of natural light. Working under artificial lights can mess with your optimal functioning levels.

“Not getting enough exposure to natural daylight may have an effect on your mood, making you feel lethargic, dreary and down,” Patel writes in the blog post for Entrepreneur.

Taking a break from artificial lights – hours at your desk outdoors – can help. 

“Spending a few minutes in bright, natural light can elevate your mood and re-energize you for the rest of the day,” Patel advises.

Be around more high-energy people. Like laughter, energy can be contagious.

“The phenomenon is known as social or emotional contagion, and it basically means that we are influenced by the outlook, moods and demeanor of the people we surround ourselves with, including our co-workers and friends,” Patel explains in the Entrepreneur post.

So be aware of who might be influencing your energy levels. “Maybe it’s time to find a more positive, up-beat group to spend time with,” he adds.

Identify and manage your stress. Plain and simple, stress is an energy-zapper.

And while it can’t be eliminated totally, there are things you can do to lessen the impact of stress on your psyche, and productivity.

For example, Nutrition Unravelled consultants point to mindfulness as a way to refocus away from stress and the emotions that can arise as a result.

“Don’t let the negative storylines and self talk drain your energy for the rest of the day,” says a Nutrition Unravelled blog. “Practice mindful self compassion and treat yourself with the care and respect you deserve.”

Create self-care that works for you. For some entrepreneurs, it may take more than occasional, traditional “self-care” activities to reduce stress and increase energy levels.

“I’ve found, both personally and in my work with entrepreneurs, that on their own, traditional self-care activities don’t move the needle,” says entrepreneur and coach Kathleen Stetson in an article for Fast Company.

“One-off self-care practices can help reduce stress in the moment but to maintain an even keel over the long haul, entrepreneurs need to put themselves first in a regular way, day after day.”

Stetson created the Entrepreneurial Confidence and Communication program for MIT’s delta v accelerator, which integrates self-awareness into entrepreneurship education.

“The uncertainty and risk inherent in entrepreneurship make stress almost inevitable, but cultivating self-awareness through practices like meditation and mindfulness can help entrepreneurs be less affected by that stress, enabling more effective decision-making,” she says.

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