IoT Revolution: Gaining a Competitive Edge in Finance Through Wireless Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT for short) gives businesses a competitive edge by leveraging wifi-enabled tech. We touched on the topic in an earlier blog and are looking at how financial institutions can benefit.


Whether you run a community bank or a larger financial institution, these IoT gadgets, systems, and devices can streamline your front-line and back-room processes to yield a healthier bottom line.


Keep an Eye on Things


The solutions provided here can make securing your branches, remote assets, and physical spaces easier:


Asset Tracking and Management

 IoT sensors can track and manage valuable assets such as ATMs, vehicles, and equipment. This enables institutions to monitor asset location, condition, and usage in real time, leading to more efficient maintenance scheduling and reduced downtime.


Security and Surveillance

 Wifi-enabled security systems can monitor and detect unauthorized access or suspicious activities in branches, data centers, and ATMs. Real-time alerts can be sent to security personnel, ensuring a swift response to potential threats.


ATM Remote Monitoring

Monitor the status of ATMs outfitted with sensors that use wifi to report issues such as cash shortages, paper jams, or technical malfunctions. This proactive approach to maintenance can minimize downtime and improve the customer experience.


Gain Customer Insights


Want better intel on existing customer behavior and data that can help you cross-sell financial services that deepen relationships and loyalty? Here are some IoT-enabled solutions worth considering:


Smart Branches

 Devices installed in physical branches can collect data on customer foot traffic, line lengths, and wait and service times. Bussiness owners can use this information to optimize staffing levels and branch layouts for improved customer service.


Data Analysis and Insights

IoT-generated data can be analyzed to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. This information can inform product development, marketing strategies, and customer engagement initiatives. It can also forecast and model future patterns and develop plans to leverage them.


Manage Risk


The ability to minimize risk is a cornerstone of any successful bank. Fortify your financial institution’s stance against risk by adopting these IoT solutions:


Fraud Detection

Wifi-enabled devices can help detect fraudulent activities by monitoring and analyzing patterns of transactions in real-time. Unusual behavior can trigger timely alerts for further investigation.


Supply Chain Management

Track the movement of financial documents, sensitive data, and assets within your institution's supply chain with IoT-enabled devices. Doing so helps ensure the security and timely delivery of important materials.


Payment Processing and Authentication

IoT can enable secure and convenient payment methods, such as contactless. Biometric authentication through IoT devices like fingerprint scanners or facial recognition can enhance transaction security.



Improve In-Branch Experience


Differentiating your physical bank experience from the competition can be challenging when running a commodity business. When standing out is the goal, enabling these innovative IoT practices can help you reach it:


Customer Experience Enhancement

Wifi-enabled devices such as interactive kiosks or apps within branches can provide customers with information tailored to their financial needs, further personalizing and enhancing customer experiences.



Automated investment platforms that integrate IoT-enabled devices can offer customers real-time market data and personalized investment advice.


Energy Management

Financial institutions can use IoT-enabled systems to optimize energy consumption in their buildings and branch networks. This can lead to cost savings through better control of lighting, heating, cooling, and other utilities.


Wi-Fi and the IoT


It's important to note that while IoT technologies offer numerous benefits, enabling proper cybersecurity measures is critical to protecting the systems that rely on them. Moreover, engaging a Wi-Fi provider that puts a premium on providing secure connectivity is key.


Sparklight’s commitment to providing high-speed, affordable Wi-Fi solutions for businesses puts security at the forefront. When you choose us, you’re engaging a partner invested in fortifying your digital landscape as much as you are.


 We believe in the power and potential of IoT, and we invite you to learn more about how we’re helping businesses like yours leverage all it can do, whether you’re a full-service bank, a fully digital financial enterprise, a start-up, or an established institution. Contact us today to learn more.


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