Disaster Recovery- Internet Protection Service is Your Key to Preparedness

With decades of experience to learn from, enterprise businesses have gotten better at preparing for floods, tornados, earthquakes, and a host of other disasters. In fact, you likely have a plan in place for events such as these that involves plywood, sandbags, firewalls, and other physical deterrents.


But what about your digital infrastructure, Wi-Fi, and network? Will it be ready when the next natural disaster strikes—or is it an Achilles heel just waiting to be compromised, bringing your recovery efforts, or even your business, to a halt?


In a Wi-Fi-dependent era, these are the types of questions that keep enterprise business owners up at night—or, at a minimum, their Chief Information Officers. In this blog, we look at the issue and a potential solution.


Compounding Losses

A disaster resulting in catastrophic data loss can profoundly impact your business. According to the LinkedIn blog Can Your Network Survive a Network Catastrophe? “it’s estimated that 90% of businesses whose data is lost or corrupted in a power failure, flood, fire, or other disasters will never recover.” That’s right—a staggering nine out of ten eventually fail.


Despite this bleak statistic, there are ways to give your business a leg up when it comes to all things digital—and take disaster preparedness to a whole new dimension.


Internet Protection Service

Wired Wi-Fi systems are just part of the equation when it comes to business internet. Offering high-speed connectivity, flexibility, and the latest security features, it’s the backbone of enterprise digital commerce.


But even hard-wire systems can be compromised by the events or aftermath of a disaster. Cables can snap, and underground fiber connections can fail under natural or man-made stresses.


The causes of Wi-Fi outages and their impacts can leave devasting marks on a community and the businesses in it. This piece on execulink.com cites a number of negative impacts a significant outage can have on a business, including:


• Loss of productivity

• Gaps in customer service

• Brand reputation damage and brand degradation

• Financial loss

• Decreased employee morale


Sparklight Internet Protection Service to the Forefront

 At Sparklight, we understand the challenges that can accompany wired Wi-Fi systems. We developed Internet Protection Services because we understand that unexpected internet disruptions can occur, even with the most reliable service.


Wireless systems aren’t vulnerable to the same issues wired ones face. So, they make a great backup to your current system. If there’s a service outage, you’re automatically routed to a nearby cellular carrier with the fastest speeds. Once service is restored, it effortlessly reverts to your wired system. With Internet Protection Service, reliability is literally built into the equation.


Reasons to Consider Sparklight Internet Protection Service:

Sparklight’s Internet Service Protection provides a variety of benefits to enterprise business clients:


• Keeps business services running so you can keep pace with customers and competitors.

• Compatible backup to your current Sparklight Business internet service for easy adaptability.

• More reliable and affordable than redundant wired service providing greater peace of mind.

• It’s automatic—no action is required on your part to stay Wi-Fi connected and stay in business.

• No contract is required for greater flexibility and control.


With the assurance of continuous Wi-Fi connectivity that comes with Internet Protection Service, preparing for, enduring, and recovering from any disaster can be seamless.


Instead of floundering, your online systems can remain up and running, keeping data safe and employees connected. Without Wi-Fi interruptions, your enterprise business can focus on moving forward and leaving disaster in the rearview mirror.


A Proactive Approach

There’s more than a grain of truth to the saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ when it comes to your business Wi-Fi and disaster readiness.


By sitting down with your internet provider beforehand, you can devise a cohesive plan that accommodates the unique demands of your operation in normal times and when disaster strikes.


A comprehensive solution could include a breadth of services your enterprise business relies on, including:


Enterprise Wi-Fi

Internet Service Protection

Managed Router and Security

• Phone, Router, and Network Services

• Additional Digital Services


To schedule an appointment or learn more about any of these services, contact Sparklight Business today.





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