Government Assistance to Become Sustainable

Sustainable small businesses do more than hug trees. They’re reducing energy costs, eliminating waste and shoring up their supply chain. And they’re attracting the 69 percent of customers who want to buy green. It makes good business sense to be a green business. But it can also require an investment in equipment or modifications to realize these gains. Did you know there is government-sponsored assistance to help? Take a look at these programs to see if one is right for you.

Sustainable businesses meet two goals. They serve the needs of their customers, and they protect the natural environment. This might include starting a recycling program, ethically sourcing your raw materials or being more energy efficient. It can also include “green innovation” – creating a new product or service that’s environmentally friendly.

The Small Business Administration lists these government sources to help business become more energy efficient:

For More Information

Go to for more information on these funding sources and ideas to make your small business more sustainable.

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