Delighting Your Loyal Customers

They’re the ones who reward you with repeat business and referrals. They talk about your business with their family and friends. They like you on Facebook and love your product. They’re your best, loyal customers, and they’re worth hundreds or thousands or more to your business. How do you keep them happy? By delighting them day in and day out. Here are fifteen tips that show you how.

  1. ‘Fan’ Appreciation: Devote space on your business Facebook page for loyal ‘fans’ (i.e. customers) or develop a Pinterest board specifically for them.
  2. Inside Look: Give loyal customers an inside look at what makes your business tick. This could be a tour of the kitchen if you run a restaurant, a peek at the factory floor (kids love these) – anything to make them feel special.
  3. Donation: Send an e-blast to loyal customers that lets them vote on a monthly charity to support. Make the donation on their behalf.
  4. Advisory Council: Invite your most devoted customers to provide insights on what new products they’d like to see, or share tips on improving service. Compensate them with lunch.
  5. Random Gifting: A tin of gourmet cookies, a special coupon for a discount on your best selling product – just about any small gift will show good customers that you care.
  6. Opportunity to Be Heard: While it may be difficult to hear, invite good customers to talk about areas they’d like you to improve. It really is a win-win.
  7. Get to Know Them as More Than Customers: Sure, loyal customers drive your bottom line, but they should be more than just an entry in your daily sales log. Ask about their families, kids and interests. Show them you care about them as a person, too.
  8. Network With Them: Loyal customers can turn out to be loyal employees, suppliers or business partners. Let them know when you’re hiring or when your business needs a hand.
  9. Exclusive Event: Keep your shop open after hours and invite your best customers in for special deals or a sneak peak at upcoming products.
  10. Advance Notice: Hold a ‘sneak peak’ event for loyal customers that give them the opportunity to purchase new products in advance.
  11. Help Their Causes: If your best customer supports a specific charity, make a donation to their cause or donate a portion of the day’s proceeds to it.
  12. Loyalty Program: Build a loyalty program into your annual marketing plan. For suggestions on how to structure it, check out this blog on hubspot.
  13. E-Newsletter: Develop a monthly or quarterly newsletter that’s included with your customer loyalty program.
  14. Perks, Literally: Reward loyal customers with gift cards to a local coffee shop or restaurant. It could also create new customers and a new alliance with another small business!
  15. Sweepstakes: Create a sweepstakes that gives loyal customers a chance to win a prize. Measure loyalty by the number of purchases per month. Those who reach the threshold gain entry into the drawing.

Delighting loyal customers will keep them feeling good. Don’t be surprised if it makes you feel good too!



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