Things Your Business Can Do During Customer Service Week

Things You Could Do during Customer Service Week

It’s the time of year for businesses to recognize the importance of customers and those who serve and support them. How will you celebrate Customer Service Week, Oct. 2-6?


Started in 1987 and Congress-proclaimed in 1992, Customer Service Week is acknowledged annually in the U.S. and internationally during the first week of October. Here are a few ideas for ways your business can recognize customers and employees. 


Thank-You Cards to Customers

 Writing and sending personally signed thank-you cards is an excellent opportunity to show customers how much you appreciate their business and remind them of your commitment to customer service.


“Make your cards more meaningful by enclosing a copy of your mission statement or a photograph of your service team,” suggests the Customer Service Group, the week’s sponsor for more than 30 years.


Recognize Staff

 This is the perfect time to ramp up your show of appreciation for employees serving customers — staff who directly interact with customers or those who serve customers indirectly in behind-the-scene roles.


Let them know that you see their efforts to keep customers informed and satisfied and how vital their work is to the operations and success of your business.


You might want to recognize a specific team or employees with a certificate of appreciation or acknowledge their work during a staff meeting and a kick-off Customer Service Week celebration event.


Or, a small business owner who favors a more personal approach could want to write a thoughtful note about their customer service and meet with them 1-on-1.


Also, if you’re planning any Customer Service Appreciation events, consider getting employee input — as a gesture to show that their opinion is important to you, particularly when it comes to customers. 



 Put that Customer Service Week spirit on public display at your business with posters, banners, balloons, etc.


 “Nothing says celebration like decorations,” exclaims the CSG, which offers a range of materials and resources for businesses across industries during Customer Service Week.


Make it Special

 Beyond decorations, find a way to make Customer Service Week stand out at your business. Consider organizing a party or something as simple as bringing in treats for everyone to enjoy one day (or every day of the week!).


Depending on your type and size of business, you could turn your weekly staff meeting into a luncheon or an after-hours thing.


Or do it up bigger by hosting a Customer Service Week party or reception-type event that brings together both customers and employees.


Why Recognize Customer Service Week?

Celebrating customers and recognizing staff for customer service— their importance to your business — goes beyond this week.


Your efforts during Customer Service Week could also benefit your business in other ways, including boosting employee morale, motivation, teamwork, staff retention, and productivity.


Multiple studies have indicated that employees who feel valued and appreciated are happier and more productive. 


For example, 82 percent of those polled by SurveyMonkey and the employee recognition platform  Bonusly said they consider recognition an important part of their happiness at work. 


Recognizing employees is tied to feelings of confidence and respect. At least that’s what the SurveyMonkey audience expressed — 32 percent of those surveyed think recognition improves how their co-workers interact with them.


As far as benefits to your business success, a study by Deloitte showed that employee recognition correlates highly with improving employee engagement, and that a 15 percent improvement in engagement can result in a 2 percent increase in profit margins.



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