4 Surveys You Can Use to Improve Your Small Business

Businesses of all sizes are using surveys to learn more about their consumers and improve their operations. You, as a small business owner, may have carried out one or more surveys on your own.


When it comes to using the right survey to gather the right information, however, knowing where to start can be confusing. Here are four different types of surveys you can use to improve your small business, and the kinds of questions you need to be asking to get the best data possible.

Product And Service Surveys

One of the most effective techniques to assess the success of a new product or service is by asking customers for their feedback with a product or service survey. The information you collect can help you identify unforeseen issues with your product or missed opportunities with your service.


You'll also learn what your customers love most about your products and services, and the positive impact they have on their daily lives. By analyzing the highs and the lows, you can improve your operations and continue to make enhancements that matter to your customers.


Here are some of the key questions you should include with your survey:

  • How long have you been using this product or service?
  • How often do you use this product or service?
  • What are the top three benefits you get from using this product or service?
  • Would you purchase this product or service again?
  • How likely are you to recommend this product or service to someone else?
  • How would you improve this product or service?


Customer Service Surveys

As a small business, you can leverage personalized customer service against larger competitors to earn and maintain a loyal customer base. A customer service survey is critical to identifying potential service gaps, effectively training your employees, and becoming a customer-centric business.

When developing your survey, be sure to include questions about their customer service interactions such as:

  • Were all your questions answered thoroughly?
  • Was the customer service representative patient, friendly, knowledgeable, or polite?
  • Was a customer service representative available when you needed help?
  • Was your issue resolved efficiently and promptly?
  • Was your last customer service interaction great, good, fair, or poor?
  • How likely are you to purchase from us again?

Market Research Surveys

A market research survey can provide a wealth of valuable information about your target market, and other businesses competing for their interest. These surveys shed light on market demand, consumer preferences, and pricing opportunities, all of which you can use to improve your competitive positioning and capture a higher market share.

A good market research survey should include the following kinds of questions:

  •  For what reasons might you choose to purchase our product or service?
  •  For what reasons might you choose not to purchase our product or service?
  •  How would you rate the quality of our product or service?
  • How likely are you to choose our product or service over a competitor's?
  • What kind of improvements would you make to similar products and services?


Brand Awareness Surveys

Building an immediately recognizable brand takes time and effort. A brand awareness survey can speed up the process by helping you understand how your customers view your brand, and what they associate it with.


You can use the information you gather to develop an effective logo, create a cohesive brand aesthetic, and improve other elements of your advertising strategy. When it comes to perfecting the look and feel of your small business, a brand awareness survey is an incredibly valuable tool.

Here are some questions you might want to include in yours:

  • When you think of our brand, what words or emotions come to mind?
  • When you think of our brand, what colors come to mind?
  • Does our brand stand out among other brands?
  • How would you describe our brand?
  • What would you change about our brand logo?


Getting Surveys To Your Customers

There are a variety of methods for ensuring your survey reaches your target audience. One digital survey tool that effectively does so is. SurveyMonkey. This comprehensive platform can help you write, deliver, and analyze your data.

Alternatively, you can incorporate surveys into your email marketing or online transactions. You can even use text message marketing to survey customers who have opted into receiving texts. Increase the amount of feedback you receive by offering rewards, such as discounts or coupons, to anyone who completes the survey.


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