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We want to add to your history,

Small businesses have always played an important role in your city. After all, the nation’s first Veteran’s Day was the brainchild of a local shoe cobbler. And William Allen White made your local newspaper a model for small-town journalism. Even today, home-grown businesses are moving the city forward. And with over 250 acres of parks, Emporia State University, and several manufacturing plants, it’s a great place to live, study and work too.  

We want small businesses to keep making history in Emporia. Sparklight Business has partnered with more than 70,000 small businesses in communities across the country. Our high-speed internet access and ultra-reliable phone service lets you do business faster. And our newest cloud-based business phone service, Hosted Voice, keeps you connected—in the office, driving to an appointment, working remotely, or on your cellphone.

We’re proud to be Emporia’s affordable business partner.

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Ultra-Reliable Phone Service
High-Speed Internet

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For 25 Mbps & 1 Phone Line
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Small Business Guide To Internet Services

Courtesy of your friends at Sparklight Business

  • How to assess your small business needs
  • How to compare internet service providers and make a good buying decision
  • Technology basics on modems, routers, IP addresses & local area networks

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